Pushing my intuition further. accepting any request for reading

No problem

May I request a general reading too please. Thanku for your consideration. Dark blessings

Not sure if this is still available - if it is would you do me a reading?

Let me know if it’s ok to DM

yes this post is still open and I’m still accepting request

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can i know who wants to work with me. if purson, ipos, and furfur want or are working with me? if possible. the best way to start demon work with them? via ritual, meditation, tarot, etc?


Thank you for the last reading. I need help, and this may sound weird.

I went on a path that led me to believe that I will get picked up physically and go to another reality forever. I mean this physically, not soul travel or anything occult. It’s made me believe that the occult isn’t real if my path is real.

I need to know what will happen in the future, if I will go back to magick or if this path will work, or even if I can trust my feelings and intuition again as that’s a big one for me. I’m hoping to get a message from the people I work with through you.

Thank you.

Hello I would like a general reading

Thank you for taking time to do so

The card tell me you walk the path of the fool you seem to be stumbling in life wish to keep your hardships a secret the cards encourage you to walk away from your mistakes and your regret there much to do in your life must move forward don’t let your emotions hold you back lasty it might be good idea to connect with love ones or people you trust let know your pain to ease your own. There is happiness in your future as try to work with others.

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You’ll need to be vigilant and become a voice of reason as you try turn around unfavorably situation in the marriage throw away the past do not cling to it you need to see clearly through all delusion and lies for this relationship to work and transform negative to positive. As this relationship continues to each person will layed bare I encourage you assess the balance of power in this relationship try find a delicate balance between you and your partner.

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The card talk of lack of self worth and that might feel like failure in the future.there is a inevitable truth that you must come to and doing everything in your power to resist what is inevitably. There will tsunami of emotions to engulf you a this relationship continues but after all is said and done you my come to a realization of self worth and milestone you’ve reached to be the person you are in the future.

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Seem either way you’ll find success but one will be more satisfying than the other remember your goal insight don’t forget what tool gets you this far you may find success in the a road least traveled but be wary what path you choose there will be many challenges that you must over come this will require everything you’ve learned to succeed in order to see your vision. The day hard will be tiring but worth it in thy end.

Hello, can i have a general reading?
Thank you

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Thank you. I have feeling that this relationship is some kind of milestone in my life. But I don’t understand this part:

Can you clarify it? The relationship will end? Or it will reach some kind of level where i will develop my self worth?

honestly I’d say that relationship won’t last but think it depend on what you decide to do and what you feel is important.

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Thank you! I’m not sure what it means by vision exactly but I’ll reflect on it.

what deck do you have. it’s really pretty.

I would like a reading.

Thank you! I am definitely not kicking back right now, quite the opposite, I actually really need to time to relax!

I am emotional right now because my father is very sick in the ICU for three weeks (why I am so busy visiting him when I have time)

I do have some beliefs that I keep secret, and am afraid to share.

Thank you so much for the reading!!

If you’re still offering readings to hone your skills I believe I may be a good challenge for you. Won’t say much more as this is intended to push yourself, is it not?

Greqt thread, you are awesome.
Not sure if I asked before, but is it too late to request for a love reading And career reading please?