Pushing into rapture and the crossroads

So I’ve made it to a point where getting into the TG sync only takes seconds but I’m stucck on how to push this into the rapture and crossroads.Also do you need to reach full rapture for sigil majick? Any advice qould be appreciated

I’m bumping this thread because I want to know as well.

I’m 100% on the first bit but I’d guess having to ‘push’ yourself into the rapture defeats the purpose of said rapture. If your already at the doorstep of the barrier between what is reality and what is not, I’d theorize that all you need to do is just let go of the WANT and just deepen the relaxation. I’ve only experienced the rapture briefly and it only occurred when I just said fuck it and let go of all emotional attachments to anything in this plain of reality. Even the results.

The second part is a for sure NO. It would be like saying you need to merge into the internet in order to fix a bug on your computer. Besides the usual spill about becoming emotionally detached and charging it, I suggest start paying more homage to your familiars since they are probably going to be the ones acting the sigil out. Some rum and cigars will do. I’ve made it a habit to give libations to the spirits before and after a casting of a sigil too because, in my eyes, if they make the sigil happen before they could do it again so time to make friends.

Also, you could mesh into the sigil different runes or astrological symbols to add another current of energy into the working. Like, for example, whenever I create talismans I also put the name of the gods who govern that talisman’s main job. My attraction talismans always have the names Isis, Oshun and Venus on them (I use playing cards as talismans so I use the Hearts suit too). You really just got to mix and match, try new things and see what works best for you.