Pushing eyeballs in

Have you ever tried pushing your eyeballs in? I press them firmly in and I begin it see colors like red, blue, and green and other colors even though in my room it was pitch black where no light could come in.

Once I held and gazed for awhile, I started seeing a tunnel that changed colors every now and then, but it was constant. I then started to see a static screen and all of a sudden, the screen turned on!

I saw some random country which I am thinking was the Netherlands. It was basically like seeing it with my own eyes what was there, but wasn’t physically there. I encourage you to try it so you know what it looks like and put some feedback here.

I used nerve pressure points, and pressing on my eyes to improve my eyesight temporarily to pass a vision test for my drivers license once. I did it while I was waiting in line at the department of motor vehicles, (I live in the USA). I’m not sure it was a good idea in the long term, but it got me through another five or ten years without needing prescription vision correction to legally drive.