Pursuing love


Hey there fellow magicians, witches and sorcerers. I have been following the trail of a spell I used which will make my twin flame appear which has led me to seeing someone who was engraved in my thoughts. This person is a stranger to me and I don’t even know where to find him or even his name. Is there a spell to connect with this person or even to locate him. Thanks


Well a love spirit like Aphrodite might be able to help you better than a spell


I need something strong, love hasn’t been developed now so it might be hard however something like a locating spell or connection spell might help


I personally work with Ares and Aphrodite as a couple for my love work.

Try them to punch up your love spells. Be fore warn they aren’t light weight spirits to work with. They have personally revealed to much for me, but thats what I wanted.


Try this:

Take a few long slow deep breaths to calm your mind. Focus on your heart - if it helps place both hands over your heart and say:

Spirit of my Spirit
Heart of my Heart
Love of my Love
I awaken you

Spirit of my Spirit
Heart of my Heart
Love of my Love
I call upon you

Spirit of my Spirit
Heart of my Heart
Love of my Love
Come forth to me

The reason for connecting you YOUR Spirit/Heart/Love is because (they say) TF’s ‘share a Soul’ so to call upon Your Soul is to call upon Theirs - which is especially helpful if you don’t know who they are.

Keep a look out for synchronicities and repeating numbers (i.e. 1111, 3333, 4444, 7777, etc) because that’s supposed to be a sign that you’ll meet soon.

Or alternatively since you know what they look like, maybe try scrying for a name…?

Best of luck,


That’s so helpful thanks a lot.
About scrying for a name, what would be the best way to do so?


This might not be a soul mate but a deity who is responding to your prior rituals announcing his presence and letting you know that you have been heard.


If the spell encourages such visions of the “twin flame” then let it do its work fully: it will more than likely you lead you to him. Avoid trying to force things and prefer the flow as far as possible. Obsession tends to work against you.


I’m sure this one is my soulmate and the signs and dreams I had before all led to that moment


Is he a magician too?


Not sure because his energy isn’t that of a mundane and I can never ever be with a mundane or he will be consumed by me


The Archangel Chamuel is an angel of love.


Evoke him from the West.


Can’t work with angels they hate me


And what makes you think that angels hate you?


Because of who/what I am


I can guarantee that angels aren’t as partisan as you might think. They work with E.A., so we know that being a black magician isn’t anathema to the angels.


Oh but I didn’t say that I’m a black magician, I’m an eclectic witch so I can tap into the forces of both paths. But it’s about who I am or what I am like I said before


Then please answer my first question properly.


I believe I said because of who/what I am not because of what I practice. Magic doesn’t define who am I because we are more than just witches. There are multiple layers of existence and in each layer we fit into a certain category. Some people however can have all of their personas in one layer and since I’m an old soul who is older than some demons, then let me tell you that because of my true identity I can’t work with angels because they don’t like me at all.