Purpose in life

There are times when I’m just alone thinking and I wonder what is really our purpose in life are we alive to unlock our true power or are we alive to be observed I know that may sound stupid but my mind just wonders lol what do you think our purpose is ?


In my eyes the answer is like 42. Should we worry about the whole or ourselves and then better understand the whole?


Actually that’s the question philosophers and religions have tried to answer for thousands of years. So no you don’t sound stupid. You sound entirely normal. I always wonder about people who don’t think about these kind of things. Those are the stupid people. Now to be fair once all the responsibilities of adulthood hit there isn’t a lot of time to ponder these types of questions. That said, even with all the responsibilities of adulthood such as raising kids, making sure your family has a roof over their heads and food on the table there still are times all thinking people ponder these questions.


Oh yeah. And of course the answer to all of life’s questions is 42. lol.


It sounds like a cop-out when people suggest that the purpose of life is subjective, but that’s totally the right answer.

What is purpose?

Purpose and meaning are not mathematical or physical properties, hence Douglas Adams gives us forty-two. This shows how ridiculous it is to place science and materialism at the top of our philosophical hierarchy.
Atoms and numbers have no purpose by themselves. They are exactly what they are. If logic has a will, then it wills only to follow its pre-destined path. Purpose and meaning only exist in the goals of conscious beings. In my life, the purpose of gravity is to keep me from floating off into space. To the mathematical universe, gravity is a meaningless effect. It just happens to be a physical property of matter and energy.
The sun doesn’t care if I exist, but I need the sun to survive. Thusly, the sun has a purpose in my eyes. You decide the purpose of life because you have a concept of purpose.

To me, that is the answer to nihilism. Life is meaningful and good because I said so. I like romantic concepts because I am God and I don’t have to convince anyone of anything to feel justified.

P.S.- For two. The girl in the coffee shop who had just figured it out was sitting alone looking at an empty chair, and realized that life is a dialogue between one’s self and the universe as a whole. Douglas Adams was a genius philosopher and poet.
His actual meaning of life is the last word in the fifth book of the series. He saw the universe as a restruant, and God as a waiter.





Rick and Morty philosophy haha. The purpose of life to me is to make our divine spark flame into a higher being and so on and so on


I don’t need there to be a purpose for our existence and if there is it doesn’t matter. I make my own.



The purpose of Life is strive for knowledge that we don’t have and meanwhile experiencing the fragility of a human body…

that’s how i think


I think the question of purpose or meaning in life almost immediately reduces life to something it is not. That is why I wrote elsewhere, that there is so much meaning, it is meaningless to try to reduce it by asking. Not to make it forbidden to question anything but to open up for doing, living and in- and exhaling life. Meaning talks to all senses. One can sense when everything is meaningful and the opposite. Language when it tries to answer huge questions like this can be like a virus, that leaves one stuck in a loop, where language itself begins to be a shadow on life (and death for that matter). If I should try and say something about what our purpose is, instead of just my own, then I would say that getting out of one’s comfort zone is often very important, because it breaks templates and possible addictions to the well-known. The purpose in one’s life is also, I think, to find one’s own way of feeling free, and avoid comparison to anyone, because it blinds one into believing in some kind of cloning.

Just some thoughts from me.

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No matter what you do, it always has to be in concordance with nature.

Our purpose is to fulfill whatever our function is.

if you fail you’re screwed no matter what, if you succeed then you can do whatever you want.

Which means to do it to the best of your abilities whether your function be to pass butter or whatever else or you’ll be fighting with yourself.

That’s so hilarious!

Along my journey i have come to realise there are many things designed to take you out of the moment … which robs you of your share in life, if we all knew the purpose what would be the point in playing i believe you just do what ever makes you happy.

Purpose is non relevant, spirit is infinite, life is life. live or die. Don’t get too deep or you might drown in life. Make your own mission, make your own happiness, believe nothing, trust nothing, stay open, weird thoughts of my mind just now. Humans = The infinite randomized generating unfix-able thought machines lol.

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My purpose, “mission” even, is to do everything in my power to help humanity advance. That is, to push them forward (or drag them, kicking and screaming) into the next phase of their evolution. Time to kick-start the engine of transformation…

I’ve always thought life doesn’t have purpose, but is intrinsically purposeful on its own. Living creatures, including humans, act to preserve and enhance the state of life. That’s it.