Purple sigils

Earlier i had a dream where i was in this small narrow room kind of like an attic but at the end of the hall by a window there was a blonde woman wearing a black dress and all over the walls and floor everywhere was sigils purple sigils but I didn’t recognize any of the sigils and was wondering if anyone knows a being that takes that form or uses purple sigils

Do you remember what the sigils looked like apart from the color? Any shapes that stand out to you? If at all possible, can you draw them?

EDIT: For some reason, I’m getting Lilith vibes (or maybe Agrat bat Mahlat) but I’ve never met her, so I’m not too sure if it is her.

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Upside down triangle was one i think it might have been lilith but wasn’t sure as i have never seen in a physical manifestations but before i went to sleep i had apologized for years ago when i had fought her when i had mistaken her for another spirit that was attacking i had never felt her energy before and she was quite powerful more strong than any i had seen before

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