Purified runic jewelries

Hello everyone. I want to ask you some help and advice about how purified, cleansed some gold jewelry with runes engraved on it. For example the two runes are Tiwaz which is engraved on a ring and the others is Sowilo on a medallion. What insense is good for tiwaz and for Sowilo ? what ritual has to be done for those two runes? What materials is needed in addition to the insense? Thank you all in advance for your answers :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::blush:

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Generally I’d say sage or frankincense. An added measure is cleansing/purifying in a natural flow of water like lake,creek,river etc (can also use rainwater)


Thank you so much I would say yes I totally agree unfortunately I will not be able to use pure water since I live in a city but the purity of nature for runes are just perfect

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I understand. I have same issue. If you don’t have any natural flow water you can also bury it in the ground for 1-3 days or if you don’t have a garden, you can also use himalayan salt in a bowl under moonlight


So Norse or Northern Magick and your more Western Ceremonial Magick differs a little in that with the runes there’s no one specific format to work with them.

So there aren’t any strict requirements such as incense, materials, etc.

You can do what @anon72381092 said, that can work. However, so can other methods too. It just depends on what yields the best results for you.

If you intend to work with the runes I suggest looking deeper into Northern Path such as:

Galdr (which is the whispering, singing and chanting of the runes and rune poems)

Seidr (this is a number of things but it’s very similar to a lot of indigenous practices around the world, involves working with trance and connecting to forces through channeling and bodily possession to attain gnosis, divination as well as manifestation, etc)

Lokkr (the calling of energy to you)

You also have other traditions and practices in that path like Trölldom, Fyolkingi (definitely misspelled that), and more.

So when you intend to empower these, what’s the goal you have in mind? To me based off the two runes you named it sounds like success but I want to be sure before I formulate my response.


Exactly salt yes I can do that I think it will be the best way to purified the items

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Thank you sooooo much for your answer and you are right this is definitely what I have in mind. Success and being victorious


Let me get to work. @ me if I don’t reply in an hour.


I haven’t use rune jewelery but you don’t really need a specific insense. If you want to bind it to you in a way you can use a drop of your own blood.

Also chant the name of the Rune 9 times to basically activate it. You can also call a Norse deity to bless the runes.


Thank you very much. I just finished my work and I’m at home now so don’t worry I will wait for you

Excellent thank you very much. So the galdr you mean ? Ok i will do that. Chant the rune’s name to activate it

We Stan getting to work on the dot.

Anyway, those are the runes I would have picked. Each rune as an energy associated with it. Runes are basically major energetic aspects of the universe, simply put.

Even back then, practices actually varied from household to household.

The chanting of the runes while charging the talismans themselves should be sufficient. You will also want to connect with the runes themselves if you intend to employ the runes in your works.

You can also call upon deities associated with those runes too. So Tyr, Sunna, Freyja, Freyr, Odin, etc. just throwing out ideas :slight_smile:

Blooding the runes as already stated, is pretty effective.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Thank you soooo much for all those informations. Thank to all of you I have a great idea of what to do now. If I have any questions I will ask you. :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3: Again thank you so much. As soon as I’m ready I will start the work

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Bloody the runes is a very good idea I’m sure it will be very effective

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