Purification by Fire: A formula for ridding oneself of unwanted influences


Hello BALG. As you know, I hardly ever post here anymore. At this point I have very little need for assistance from other human beings.

A ritual came to me, that I have entitled Purification by Fire. I am sharing this ritual with the BALG community. Experimentation has proven this ritual extremely effective.

The ritual seems to be of a method of ridding oneself of unwanted traits; extirpation of undesirable conscious seeds. The ritual involves enchanting a candle to ritually ‘burn’ away the impure traits.

This ritual is extremely profound and my experimentation with it has yielded fantastic results. Know that this ritual is EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE. This is a form of Chaos Magick.

The Purpose

To rid oneself of traits, thoughts, idiosyncrasies, or other traits held by the magician which are undesirable. Removal of conditions and traits perceived to hamper or otherwise thwart the magician unconsciously.

The method

  1. A candle is lit
  2. The candle is taken between the hands, and lifted outwards, away from the magician. Out and above the level of his head (held diagonally outwards.)
  3. A prepared incantation is recited. The purpose of the incantation affirms the purpose of the ritual. A sample incantation: My imperfections are released to the fire. Throughout the incantation.
  4. The candle is lowered and the magician sits within the circle with the candle before him.
  5. The magician gazes into the flame, visualizing his unwanted traits passing from his third-eye into the flame. As the traits and ideas enter the fire, they are burned away.
  6. The traits, having been consumed by the fire, are seen to evaporate away into the Nether.

This ritual, successfully performed, will be conducive in ridding the magician of unwanted traits which prevent his ascent.


This ritual works as effectively as it does because the inner and external ‘worlds’ are one and the same. In this ritual, what may seem like simply imagining your undesirable traits leaving you, does indeed effectively work to your advantage.

I leave it to you to experiment with this, if you desire.

Yeah its called The Fire of the Dragon…comes under a number of names. Theres also Runes for that.

Interesting. The entire ritual came to me during my daily meditation, following performance of LBRP and the Middle Pillar Ritual.