Purification and Banishing Incantation (KoF)

IS the purification and banishing incanataion from the KoF supposed to be chanted or vibrated?

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Chanted, in the same way you chant an enn.

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Would it work on entities that are extremely stubborn and powerful?

The incantation is for clearing the ritual area of unwanted energies and entities. Its downside is that it doesn’t set up a barrier to prevent the entities from coming back once the vibration of it stops.

EA refers to the incantation as an exorcism so I would say that, yes, constant repetition of it will drive out even the most stubborn of spirits, if it is backed by a powerful Will.

I am being assaulted by Allatori Spirits.

I need some gods to come and save me. The problem is my summoning leads to more of the Allatori Spirits. SO I am never getting out of this mess. Is there any help you can provide?

@Rikki1511 some magicians without wanting create stubborn servitors with no stated death date. You must do a banishing rite and it is enough. Always invoke evoke the Gods of Thaumiel if there is some major problem Lucifer, Satan, Hecate, Arachne, maybe Moloch but ask your tarot first

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I don’t know if you still have the issue, but banishing alone isn’t gonna help you. If you’re having issues with servitors, they can and should be destroyed. Speak to Azazel (itz rel, itz rel Azazel) or to Lucifer about this. Both of them can destroy servitors.

They keep coming back due to vibrational entanglement. Because of this, wards, banishings, etc won’t do the trick. You have to find a way to ignore them, while you carry on with things. Refrain from giving them any power over you.

Do some research to see how you can gain authority over these spirits, or find out who their commander is. Once you do, you can either summon their commander, or you can then give them a new purpose. I do this with spirits of contentment. I just command them to go out into the world and heap blessings on various people, or count the leaves in my town, or something like that, then I tell them that when they’re done with the task, they are to return to the nothingness. Always works for me. But you have to be standing in our absolute authority and godliness for this to work.

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