Pure, orgasmic, overwhelming bliss from focusing on all of my chakras?

I was listening to this spiritual teacher on youtube while I played Terraria. He said something about however many chakras, that there are more than 7 yadda yadda. I knew this, but I decided to focus on all of them and just sort of let them flourish, not really knowing WHERE they were, but encompasisng them. It was like honey, it was a lot. I have felt similar things before, but never in a manner where it was more than just one burst. It was my whole body, and for a few seconds.

What is this, why is it, what is it’s purpose?

More importantly; what?

It’s just you focusing on ‘all’ your chakras, that’s just feeling them out and feeling different because it’s not something you normally do. Just like someone who doesn’t get on a roller coaster and decides to one day do it and it feels like a rush, but to someone else who does it normally it feels normal.

So what is it? you feeling something other than what you’re use to.

It’s purpose: nothing, your chakras distribute energy throughout your body and you decided to see if you can feel all of them, there was no purpose besides you doing that.

why?: because that’s what happens when you shift your attention to something general that you otherwise wouldn’t of.


Possibly it was Kundalini activation, or a related phenomenon, the drinking of soma, by which all chakras work in unison to secrete Soma from the pineal gland. It is accompanied by a burst of light energy and an orgasmic feeling.

Hi, @ChrisK. Do you know any way to prepare Soma? If so, can you share it with me? Thanks in advance.

I meant that figuratively. In Vedic literature, Soma had a double meaning. It was on one level a psychedelic substance, similar to Ayahuasca, which was prepared from an unknown plant to enable the Yogis of old to go on shamanic journeys and converse with the spirit world. The recipe for this particular type of Soma has been lost thousands of years ago, but from Subsequent research we know that various types and combinations of DMT should work just as well.

The hidden meaning behind Drinking the Soma is the absorption of an extra-dimensional substance, that of liquid light, through the Crown Chakra as it slowly drips down into the brain, with the involvement of the pineal gland and the Kundalini Mechanism, a process described in the allegorical “Churning of the Milk Ocean” Puranic myth. A risen Kundalini is required for this one.

Another method of generating Soma is by practicing the Kechari Mudra, a very popular yogic practice in India.