Pure love, Not so pure circumstances

I am in love with a married man. I fought myself on the ethics of this, and believe me I know it’s not an ideal situation, but I swear when we look into each other’s eyes it is like the world stops. I know in my gut he feels the same. We have a close friendship, although it has its limitations because of his marriage. (Example, we do not text regularly, but in our moments alone I’ve told him more about myself than I’ve told even my best friend.)

The universe keeps giving me indications that his marriage, although it has been a long one, is in danger. I’ve heard him complain in great detail to someone else about how unhappy he is and how he doesn’t know what to do. he’s referred to his home life as “ Armageddon”.

I have all of this built up desire for him in my mind. I feel the need to direct it somewhere. I gravitate more towards chaos magick/general rituals, so I have little experience with actual spirit contact. I’d prefer to avoid demon contact.

Sigil magick typically always works for me. I guess what I’m asking is how to direct this desire in the best way. Should I just ask for more opportunities for things to happen organically? I really feel I do not need magick to change his feelings. He is into me. He is just stuck and unsure what to do. I can understand why; I’m sure leaving a marriage can be terrifying.

I would be with him for the rest of his days though. Again, if he doesn’t feel this way so be it; I have no interest in altering his emotions.

what do I want then? A sort of magickal nudge to let him know that there is another future waiting here with me?

I’ve also considered doing a sigil just to kiss him. I think a kiss would clarify things for the both of us to know where we want to take this.

Any advice is really appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

check the astrology chart of both to see if life is good for them in the future. Some people aren’t suppose to be in a marriage life but single life. astrology chart can let them know if they compatible or bringing good luck to each other.

Can compare yours to his too if it will work out or just illusion in your head that there’s connection. humans make all kinds of lies when it involve strong emotions.

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It looks like we’d be a good match astrologically

Is a sigil for a kiss ethical with little backlash ? I know many people have different ethics and such, so this is subjective. Curious what you guys think.

i’m not talking about general zodiac prediction. I’m talking about real analysis of both astro charts as they are more accurate specific.

What’s the best way to go about this? I only know the basics of astrology and am not particularly interested in learning more myself, so maybe I can have someone from online look at our birth charts? What I’ve done so far is just typed our names and birthdays into a couple of different online love astrology calculators.

you just gotta find a qualified practitioner who does partner compatibility analysis. not general zodiac. chinese astrology probably easier to get your purpose .

Why dnt be the 2 girl. I mean everybody qins. Not stress drama… Instead of going curses, magick. Separation broken hopes. I knw a lot of married wowens and mens. Who do tat.,

I am sorry but if someone is so unhappy with someone, they simply won’t be with them.
Simple as that.
This is just a big lie.

No, leaving a marriage is not terrifying if your life is so hard and miserable in it.


I’m saying this in the nicest way possible, with no judgement whatsoever…why hasn’t he left his wife yet if he’s so unhappy at home? Why won’t he just divorce & be with you if that’s what he’s telling you he wants? If he really loved you, nothing would stop him from leaving her and his unhappy life to be with you.

As far as a nudge to push him in the right direction or to make the right choice, I would allow the universe to do that, let it happen organically and in the meantime, focus on myself. Good luck to you :bouquet:


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Yes, exactly! Speaking this as someone whose parents only divorced because an affair was discovered, he clearly has other reasons (most likely financial) for why he hasn’t left. If someone is truly unhappy with their circumstances, they would do anything within their power to leave. And if he still has things tying him down, if he cared about you, he wouldn’t waste your time by giving you an false impression of possibility.


People just won’t learn. Listen to the action not the sweet talks. Do not lie to yourself cuz of your illusion of certain emotion. See the situation base on action. Emotions make people make all kinds of lie to themselves. If someone is married they made a commitment or they have some benefits coming their way. People will not stay with someone they don’t benefit off in some way.


Totally agree with @QueenMustang and @anon37593562 with his post immediately before my post.
Sighs please don’t let this married man trick you.


my suggestion isn’t just this particular situation with married men. It don’t matter if he’s married or not. All relationships are the same It don’t even have to be relationships. It can be friendship or even business partners or those you interact with in everyday life. Talk is cheap. Look for action. Action tells all when it comes to dealing with people in any situation. Action is what you can trust. People talk and lie just to get what they want. They can always backtrack their word. So action speaks volumes. How many times you get disappointed by those who don’t keep their promise or word? too often. excuse after excuse. So just follow action from now on. Save you plenty of time. no action so just move on. say. Next!!


I would say particularly married people. You speak of the importance of action. I could not agree more and married people have done a significant action. That is, most of them have done a public ritual symbolizing their love and commitment to another human being. That speaks volumes. After doing that important ritual most of them have no desire to nullify it via a separation and divorce so they string along a third party.

Also I think many people don’t realize that the other party to the spouse could be magickally inclined as well. Therefore, if they do get wind could throw some powerful curses at them and even their own spouse.

You could also use i ching divination to get your answer. Throw 3 coins 6 times. Ask your questions. Is this person good for me? Are we compatible? Is the person honest? Will the person leave partner for me? etc… Each time you throw coin it makes a line. you do 6 lines to make hexagram. you can youtube for videos on how to do i ching casting to get hexagrams… Then you get hexagram and that’s your answer.