Pure Black Magickians

I am wondering how many people here can truly meet both the following two criteria:

  1. Not working with anything remotely JCI. i.e. no Kabbalah, and definitely no angels.

  2. Wholeheartedly embracing dark energies. Feeding the Beast within. Making use of that state of pure blinding hate. Death. Pain. Blood. Not necessarily exclusively of course. After all I am the one saying that we should embrace all aspects of life. This criteria simply means that you aren’t one of those people who shy away from truly vile forces (I don’t mean evil btw. More clarification below). Also their is a difference between “work with” and “embrace”.

Just trying to see if there’s anyone else who’s truly Black and Demonic to the core. I know this is a black magick forum, but lot of people on here nevertheless do a lot of RHP stuff/work with angels. Essentially I want to know if there are any other members who wholeheartedly embrace the darkness as the only Path to salvation. Also, I don’t mean “black magick” in the sense that EA Koetting uses it. I also DO NOT mean being evil. I mean “black magick” as in vile magicks, Necromancy, Black Fire, Shadow, working with the Demonic, Hellfire, Draconian magicks, the power of the Night etc.


I’m leaving a comment here so I can see what others are going to reply. I don’t enterly know my role yet, but I am a LHP.

What is JCI?

@Lola Judaism, Christianity, Islam

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Only when performing Baneful work. Otherwise I’m pretty chill.

Check, except maybe Shadow and Necromancy.

I meant it more in the “any of the following” sense. I doubt a lot of people practice all, though if they do that’s good too.

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Yeah, but I will do some more research on necromancy to see if I can find something that’ll benefit me. I stand by what I told you that day about the spirits of the dead.

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@Baal Let’s not have that debate now in order to avoid clogging up the thread. I think I’ve made my views known to a sufficient degree already.

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Well I don’t know if I’m pure black magician yet… I may one day become so because the more I learn the more I’m disappointed in the light side. I don’t believe in karma and I definitely never want to reincarnate.

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What does it means?

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I don’t believe in Karma either. With the not wanting to reincarnate thing though it’s complicated. I definitely am aiming to avoid an uncontrolled reincarnation. I also don’t want to lose any memories. My only problem with reincarnation per say though is that as one aiming towards Apotheosis I want to avoid the whole dying thing in the first place (my goal is to make my physical body as eternally young, and indestructible as possible. If the shell is destroyed I wish to be able to heal or simply replace it and continue on exactly as before without the whole reincarnation business)


Not using Kabbalah… then how would you evoke? Aside from Connoly’s method I have never heard of another method that you could use to evoke the demons that is not kabbalah. It’s hard to stick only to LHP. I was gnostic for a good time until I came to the idea that I could use YHVE for certain things, especially in evocation… still not a big fan but eh I guess if it works, it works.


Is this a serious question? Tantric Buddhists have their own evocation methods. Most folk religions do too. Voudoun definitely has it’s own system of evocation. The practice I work with has their own. The Mastering Evocation Course as far as I am aware is not related to the Kabbalah (correct me if I am wrong). Evocation has been around far longer than Kabbalah. It really isn’t the hardest thing on Earth to evoke without it. Also, if I evoked the entities I work with by some God’s name they would either kill me or ensure that I suffered horribly. Sorry, but I just don’t understand what you are trying to say.


Not quite sure if I understand this correctly. Is it if you do an evocation in Jehovah name to summon a particular entity say Sallos?

I don’t work with Sallos, but yes that’s the idea. If I evoked an entity I work with in some God’s name things would end badly.


Kabbalistic methods of evocation are by no means the only way to evoke. Shaman and medicine men in the Americas called upon spirits, communicated with and walk among them thousands of years before Kabbalah existed. I believe traditions in India also have their own version of it as well, but don’t quote me on that, it’s not my area of expertise.

If anyone has questions about Asian magick I will try to answer. I am by no means an expert, but it’s one of my two main paths, so I think I would have a reasonable degree of knowledge on that.

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I agree totally.

Well, i’m in a pack/pathworking and under it’s conditions i can’t work with angels, or much anything JCI, but i am working through the qliphoth at the moment and the path of the adversary in general, but i don’t really have much of a problem working with angels in order to further my goals in the future if need be. If that’s Kabbalah that’s fine, i use what i know works.

"Wholeheartedly embracing dark energies. Feeding the Beast within. Making use of that state of pure blinding hate. Death. Pain. Blood."
These are a few of my favorite things, but can also be limiting at times as i’m forced to put a lot of other magick workings i’m interested in on the backburner for now.

The methods described here, i use them all along with many others. I am a pure black magician in that i put no moral limitations on what i do or the tools used to get my way, if that fits into others definition of pure black magician great if not that’s ok as well, in the end i am no idealist and don’t care about winning anyone’s purity contest.