Purchasing from BALG (is it always so slow?)

I am really curious on the experience fellow BALG forum members have had with purchasing services and merchandise from BALG.

How long did you have to wait for xyz?
Were you satisfied?
Were there any hassles?
Did the package arrive damaged?
Did you have to return any product or get a refund?
If so, was that difficult?

Maybe there’s a reviews in product section but I didn’t see one and I’m just curious as a whole experience by other members.

In today’s age with shipping options such as FedEx, next day air, same day air, and others I pondered why those options weren’t readily available in the order page. I also have noticed that I couldn’t get my package attached to a tracking app like say “ARRIVE” app or the like. I’m assuming this is being shipped USPS or media mail or something of that sort. For the price I would have gladly paid next day or even 3-5 day delivery. From my last email correspondence it was stated it was being checked over. Now, I wanted to know if maybe the book is being consecrated with the sprits of the current by BALG or the author or something. It just seems a bit odd to me in today’s day and age of tech. If this was the 80s or 90s I could understand but even then we still had fedex. This does NOT instill confidence in me to purchase further products if I’m not getting notifications of any sort. Money was taken out immediately and I have a digital receipt. Maybe I expect logistics to be top notch.

I will say it is marginally better than a product I ordered from somewhere else and atm that product from that company is warehoused in CHINA and its still sitting there. I wish that company would have told me they kept their products in CHINA as I would have NOT ordered from them. Maybe next time I’ll just look through amazon and get a used book. I do hope I am happy with the product when I get it.

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I ordered my universal circle on a Saturday and by that Wednesday it was at my house.

So, Ive had good experiences. my Azazel shirt arrived fairly quickly to if I remeber right.

But I also live in the US so idk if that makes any difference.

Overall my experience with ordering from them is very good.

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If I am not mistaken the BALG items are handled by a small team, not a large warehouse like Amazon or something, so there is more that goes into getting items shipped out, especially this time of year. So it’s not always efficient to make that extra layer of shipping options available.

That being said, while the shipping process may take a bit longer than we are accustomed to these days, the shirts that i have ordered have always come well packaged and in good condition.


What Banjax said.
For a small business the shipping and handling process is robust and has excellent quality. If I buy from amazon I always do free shipping and it takes longer than BALG sometimes, shorter other times.

I prefer to buy from small business on Etsy rather than the big companies anyway. I think it’s important for magickians to support each other and buying from small shops rather than mass producers and shippers helps with that.


I guess I’m not entirely aware of how big their shipping staff is. The website is just so professional looking and up to date that my assumptions and expectations are probably over reaching. I hope it gets to me before the end of the year though.

I live in Canada, and the longest I have ever had to wait for a product from BALG was about 5 weeks.

I ordered a Universal Circle last year. It arrived promptly and in perfect condition. I was very satisfied with the service and the product. I live in the UK.

I ordered the Oraculum Leviathan yesterday, according to the package tracking they gave me, it’s already in L.A., Nevada. I live in Mesa, Arizona. So it’s likely I’ll have it tomorrow or Saturday. So I’d say they’re quick.

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Maybe its because I only ordered a 79$ book and not something more expensive. Or books from last year are just . sooooooooooooooo last year and no one cares. I need to get with the times. Ferrrr surrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee