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We all love purchase grimoires from balg only when can afford to buy, i thought of a great idea, Dark spirits & Demonic entities attracted to blood, if there was a way when someone purchase a grimoire from balg, when finalize payment, customer gets a print out of purchase and a cirtificate to go down to a blood bank to get a vial of blood the same way getting a blood test, test tube size, get a esky, to store black magicans own blood send to balg, when balg received magicans blood is sent off so grimoire is done in blood, by mixing sorcerers blood with the ink to ink the book, so that book which is done in the customers blood that grimoire will only answer to the Black magician, i done my Inverted pentagram book in my own blood, Haunted graveyard dust, my book only answers to me, its my addition my DNA, it is out of control, also the tiny pinch of irridium seem to act like a stabilizer. Another thing a idea when go and get a blood test at blood bank balg issue a cirtificate so show nurse take blood get her to put blood sample in required packaging to send to balg medical, with paper work so pass customs.

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Yeah, you just need to stop.


Interesting idea but Balg can’t make a medical provider do anything.
A certificate from Balg isn’t going to do anything. This isn’t high-school with a parent note. When you give blood you can’t even ask for any of it back.

Also remember these books are not hand made, a publishing company makes a set amount before they go on sale.

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An impossible idé for so many reasons.
1 getting the blood, sending blood from other countrys as example might even be illegal.

2 Printing single books, To order one custom book can be fairly expensive.
3 having the printing company add the blood Well sure you might find someone willing to do it but i would put Money on that not beeing so easy.

In the end i think consecrating the book when you get it and annoint it with your blood then will give the same effect, you are overcomplicating things, the genius is in the simple, the complex is for show(;

Now then If you were to writte a personal grimoire then by all means get a feather quil and some ink and mix with your blood that makes more sense then having a massproduced book having your blood in its ink.
My thoughts on the matter.


That’s some Evil Dead stuff there. Still, pretty brutal, pretty cool.

But…I don’t think you can just mail a pint of blood casually.

And it’s a pain to get a bunch yourself safely. My doctor’s office would not let me take a vial of my own blood. They said it was a public health hazzard. I saw one member mention hiring a medical student and checking the credentials first, but still. I don’t know about all that.

Also, this ^^ lmfao…

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I’m surprised no one has brought up the proper handling of said blood by BALG, who are not in any way medical professionals. The potential hazard of receiving infected blood would be astronomical, and the safety of anyone mixing said blood with ink or anything else would be at risk.

So, while it sounds cool, it is not feasible in the real world. Best to handle only your own blood.

Edit to add: I purchased a copy of the OAA Discourses in which the sigil of the Baron of the 8th Flame is drawn in blood on the inside front cover, but it is goat’s blood, not human.

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