Pulsing sensation when making energy balls

So ive been practicing energy manipulation for years now and ove noticed that when i try to make an energy ball, i feel this pulsing energy in my hands. Other times i can make a ball that feels heavy and doesn’t pulse but most of the time theres that heavy feeling along with a magnetic pulsing feeling like itll push my hands in one pulse and then the next pulls them. Does anybody else experience this? Would you know what it is? I cant see energy very well lol.

Yes .
It’s normal.

Focus on the ball. Not ur hands .

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Yes that’s normal when making psiballs/basic constructs.

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Thank you! Im mainly wondering if that means my energy is resisting being shaped or if it means it working or can it just be ignored? I typically use that feeling to tell if ive got energy in the space between my hands

It means you’re feeling stimulation from said energy, not resisting no.

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Ok awesome, thank you so much :blush::blush:

It’s normal , does it feel like moving dense air sometimes

Yup totally normal to feel that way when working energy balls. It does vary however, in my experience as to the sensation, that tends to be because of both the internal energies and biomagnetic pulses in the system as well as the congregation and consumption of external energies.

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