Pulse Rings

Just as there is a high ringing which may be generated inside the physical brain and physically heard which can be raised altering consciousness profoundly,

So to is there an anti-wave - The introspective pulse ring. I manifested one of these in the physical world from hyper fixation and it literally hung in physical space. I could audibly hear it, and when I put my head in the field, I felt this sensation I can’t describe and the closer I got, the more intense it was. I heard very loudly and distinctly, disharmonious chords which held themselves sustained in a field which I physically created with my physical apparatus. There were several tones and the space was the volume of that of a basketball and floated off the ground at the exact position my head was. I almost became paranoid I was being targeted by satellites or even modular particle rifles.

I’m fully aware at how spectacular this sounds. I’m sure people think I’m either a troll or a child but I assume the things I share are very real.

Many things happen spontaneously for me and I don’t know how they happened. I assume modes of self which front confidence but really it’s just attempts to fail to explain wild things that test my sanity. Things people scorn me for sharing. Things only other people like me are capable of. Things that can’t be taught. Or can they?

qualities of the disharmonious field:

  • invisible
  • physically invasive
  • physically audible
  • stable and sustained maintaining position and pitches within the tones
  • centered point with volumes field
  • several cords disharmony
  • lasted several minutes then faded


I suddenly felt the sensation as I was deeply fixated in introspection. Stood up and began a process of examination. These are as many details as I can recall about this most anomalous event and thing which I created in the physical world.

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Lets analyse this closer. Have you questioned what an Anti-wave actually is? Im curious as to your interpretation both scientifically and magickally.

It’s the term I found searching for one trying to qualify an anomalous event which truly occurred in the physical bandwidth. I call it an anti-wave because of the nature of the “direction” of introspection itself.

An Anti-wave is destruction from Present perspective, but it is New Life afterwards. This is the reasoning behind the perceived conflict of Angels (Anti-wave) vs Demons is not because they were ever against each other, but rather because Christians came around to make their Angel and Demons the new standard.

From a political standpoint this would mean that an Anti-wave is just merely an Engineered scenario of an Event. Because in the Triangle of Art one has Anti-Thesis and Thesis. Anti is Dominance exerted to create change…because ones Actions are acting against an established matrix…meaning one is acting as an Anti-Christ. When one looks at this truly anything can act out as an Anti-Christ because you are going against someone elses “Safe Base” of a Thesis which leads to your goal of a Synthesis (new thesis). This is also known as Anti-Magick which is just dismantling structures magickally. A form of magickal destruction. That is the reason it feels repulsive and invisible…because the essence of Destructions nature has no inherent Structure…albeit only on an Informational level.

You call it a Wave and yet you see a Ring. This is because destruction has no tangible form and yet it does because it manifests as any Form temporarily which may be easier to perceive said destructive element. This also relates to the Collapse of Quantum Wave-Functions into particles. I know some may not agree to this QM theory…but heres a simpler approach. One has an Anti-Wave…but one has “Brainwave” frequencies playing in ones brain…these collapse into Informational particles…next is the interaction of brain and body where said brainwave generated signal likewise collapses into Emotional Particles (packets) of Nervous System energy. One could then think of all Following actions and thus said Events as waves collapsing into Particles, which are all the different seemingly magickal things that happen.

I’m sorry my friend but I think you may have read more into this experience or possibly taken it as a metaphor or something, I don’t know.

I was literally in my backyard, considering things very intensely in an introspective regression when I felt an incredible sensation stir and heard actual audible ringing. I stood up and moved away from the center but the center remained invisibly in suspended in the air. The ringing became louder as I drew closer and quieter as I backed away. Also, there was a distinct sensation when I put my head in the actual field. I felt the sensation physically. This was not mystical experience but something which happened in broad daylight in my backyard. So I could sense the sensational field was like the size of a basketball or so. The ringing I could hear from several feet away.

However, the sound was that of disharmonious cords. This actually really worried me. There were several tones which contributed to the full array of cords.

I was curious if anyone knew about this type of thing.

Not really. Its an aspect of magick I do. The disharmonious is on purpose. I dont just use pulse rings but also pulse globes, but I experiment with variations on that theme as well. Its not a new idea to me, but I am always exploring new and old ideas to further my own knowledge. The pulse ring and globe is a concept I explore thats just naturally tied in with paradigms if magick I utilize.