Pulling your vision back

I’m from Brazil and I’m having trouble understanding this sentence!

-What do you mean by “Pulling your vision back”?

I relax, eye relaxed to the wall, I allow my vision to blur the static rain arrive and the world around me to confuse, but I do not know what to do next because I do not know what this phrase means! (I think I recently learned to enter in tgs, all I need is to do an evocation to confirm)


Pulling your vision back is when you’re putting something slightly out of focus. You kind of look at the empty space just in front of the object not really focusing because there’s nothing really to focus on.


Think of how, when you look out of a window at night, you have to pull back your vision in order to see your own reflection in the glass. It’s the same action. You might find it helpful to imagine a pane of glass between you and the wall and try to “see” your reflection.


I understand now!
Many thanks for the answers! thank you!