Pulling myself up by my bootstraps

Ok I am in a very bad financial way at the moment and currently working to improve it. So much bad energy is draining my household due to this. I am working it out the best I can. I was hoping if I listed my current plan someone could point out things I haven’t thought of.

First for the negative energy I will do daily cleansing and banishing.

I have an interview for a second job on Thursday. Going back to school would help but at the moment I need the money now. With 2 jobs and a family I don’t have time for school yet. Hopefully later I can revisit that option. I also looked at investing but I have heard unless you have alot of money to invest and alot of time for researching the market that you are more likely to lose money or best case scenario get very small returns. I am still looking into this though.

We are also looking over our budget and seeing what can be adjusted for now.

I am looking into entities who can help me out with quick cash and a promotion at what will be my primary job.

I am trying to find something I am good at or have to offer that I can market.

Any further advice is welcome.


I heard that you can create a mojo bag to carry with you to your job interviews to improve chances.

Unrelated to entities, could I interest you in my lord and savior Marc Benioff?

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but I’m always promoting the Salesforce agenda. There are lots of jobs in the field for this right now and it’s continually growing. You also don’t have to have a HUGE array of technical skill to pick it up. And, depending on your area, these jobs start in the 40’s-50’s if you get in the right place.


Some employers support their employees to gain a new degree or qualification while working. They’ll usually do so if they will see a long-term-benefit for their side of the fence out of it. So maybe it will help if your new employer will be really interested in your growth somehow. It would also bring the benefit of more money in the long run and you will have a new “badge” to show off if you want to switch to another job.


@SagaMysterium thank you I will try the mojo bag and I’m checking out the site you shared.

@A_Pariah Yes my company will pay for a good bit of it. When I go that is the route I am going to take. I plan on getting a business degree in human resources.


I think HR is pretty solid because every slightly bigger company needs it on a regular basis :slight_smile: That already sounds like a really good plan :+1:t2:
As for the money part, I largely work with Bune on everything that is business or money related. No, she is not an ATM (listen, because this is really really important), but she opens up great opportunities, gives ALWAYS good counsel and she takes care that I never have to pay the full price on smaller or bigger expenses (which sometimes really IS a big deal at the end of the month). I love her to pieces and maybe she can support your plans one way or another.

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Good luck, sending positive intentions your way :slight_smile:

It’s worth noting that from a spiritual perspective your efforts are always noted, and those who work hard in the physical are always rewarded by the infernal :slight_smile:

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@A_Pariah yes and they are always hiring in human resources around here. As for Bune I will definitely look to her for assistance. I haven’t tried any kind of Magick yet because my situation is pretty desperate and I would probably spend too much time overthinking it. Payday before it’s all gone and I’m back to where I’m at I am going to try though.

@crystalline_shadow thank you that’s what I’m counting on.

@Purple I don’t know why I didn’t think of something like this. I am watching now.

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I met my new supervisor last night and apparently my manager has been talking me up. With any luck my promotion will be soon.

We finally got our money today. We are so far behind it didn’t add up to much but it lifted some of the burden. I am feeling pretty level right now. I have to work to tonight but tomorrow night will be filled with rituals and Magick to give my goals a nudge.

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