Pulling energy from root chakra to heal self, Tightness in crown

So it seems i came down with a sore throat yesterday. also my thyroid has been acting up… not fun :cry:

today i decided to start doing longer meditations again, and to try my hand at some energy/healing work while i’m at it

i sat down for 40 minutes inhaling and pulling energy from my muladhara into my lungs, holding my breath and charging the energy with the intent to heal, and then exhaling and sending the energy into my thyroid, throat, and tonsils…

BUT after a few minutes of this, i started to feel a tightness on top of my head, presumably in my sahasrara? :thinking:

it didnt hurt, but idk why i was feeling it? what gives?


Try pulling in from the Crown? That’s what I do.
Or do both, alternating.


not a bad idea!

at first i felt like it would be a good idea to pull some excess energy from my root, considering it’s felt like it’s been on fire for the last couple weeks (in a pleasant way, though)


I experienced the same Triptych, and i discovered my crown had many blocked energies,and that was the reason why it felt it so tight. I have not found any other explanation for that till now.