Pulled over doing ritual at park

Seems stange to that everytime i do an evocation , police show up either watch my house until im dome with evocation or like last night i went to a park did a quick evocation was finishing up and cops said what u up2 yada yada and said i was leaving and then they left also. They seemed spooked out, but i find it interesting how they always apear to me as soon as i light the candles and incense… im not a conspiracytheorisy but majes me wonder if they themselves are demons or something trting to overlook my rituals or sometging i just dont believe in coincidences and this is 3rd time cops show. First 2 was in my yard they watched me from inside their cars…2 of em. When i got pulled over yesterday it was 830 and park closes at 10. Nothing illegally was being done, can they tell me to leave my ritual or can i legally stay and finish up?


You’d have to check your local laws. Some city ordinances may allow police to act if they have reasonable suspicion that you are a potential danger. (I. E. waving a dagger around and shouting words of power)

If the police do approach you, remember, they are never concerned with your well being. I had a friend taken to a hospital because he admitted to a cop that he had suicidal thoughts years ago. He was just visiting the spot where he made the decision to turn his life around. He was sitting by a tree, minding his own business and in strolls Officer Friendly to strike up a conversation.

Be polite, but know your rights.


Sounds like they saw you the first two times in your yard, profiled you as a weirdo and possible gang member quite likely to break a law soon, and are now watching you. The third could be a coincidence but they’re waiting for you to make a mistake.

Nothing illegally was being done, can they tell me to leave my ritual or can i legally stay and finish up?

They can’t tell you to stop a peaceful ritual in your yard, they can add the info to your file and harass you.

Time to move maybe… and be a lot more discreet.
Don’t do anything else in your yard. Keep your curtains closed and your doors locked as a precaution. I wouldn’t mess with it.


Tell them you are praying to the lord.
You need some quite time to yourself. And for the love of lucifer do not have your toys out.


If you are breaking no laws they have no right to tell you to move and you could threaten them with legal action for religious discrimination. Nothing gets rid of cops faster than the threat of their pension going to your pockets.
You should also make them too afraid of you to mess with you. This is easily accomplished with a thoughtform over their station projecting to their minds that interfering with you will destroy their careers and ruin their lives. Add another thoughtform over you to make you unnoticeable to them and repel them. Once those are fully charged they won’t be a problem anymore unless forced to be and even then it will be very reluctant. Even the most corrupt of them will want nothing to do with you and really don’t want a scandal. If you are not white you can also use that as leverage because race scandals work even better when they don’t have anything solid to pin on you.
This is just based on my experience as most all police I’ve encountered have been very corrupt and little more than thugs but I hear things are different in other areas so maybe they are not as bad where you live but either way definitely make sure to have them subconsciously afraid of getting in your affairs and set for you to be invisible to them. It might come in handy later.


This statement is USA legal system specific…

Cops are human too, meaning they come in a variety of temperaments, and many people are by nature curious about things they don’t understand. Cops have the ability to be a bit more overt about satisfying this curiosity. Doesnt mean an official investigation is underway. The police in most jurisdictions do not have time to fuck with someone for dancing in their yard, burning incense and chanting. There is way too many higher priority events affecting public safety to waste watching someone vibrate god names in the park.

That being said, if you choose to make enemies with the police, by going into a my rights as a sovereign citizen rant, you will definitely be put into the “official local weirdo list” and have more issues than are necessary when you have chance encounters.

When a cop runs your name, during a traffic stop, you will be listed as hostile towards officers if you have been known to rant and threaten legal action. Things like this come up in the status check. Quick relevant facts on your temperament. These are facts.

Bottom line, absolutely know your rights. If you get caught up, and are being given the third degree…ask if your free to leave, if so then do without being an ass. If your not free to leave, ie under arrest, then say I want to speak to a lawyer and exercise your right to remain silent. Be respectful, but shut the fuck up. It is a terrible plan, beyond terrible, to be a dick head to the police. There is no upside to it. Depending on the temperament of the cop, the unneccesarry hostility could cause way more trouble that just exercising greater discretion in your daily affairs.

To know, to will, to dare, TO KEEP SILENT


Indeed it may also have to do with a thing I’ve read about in a book. When you’re meditating or doing a ritual, for example to unite with the Self, elevate the consciousness etc., the “world” interrupts you: an insect, or you hear a sound, and so on.


Thank you to all that replied. I didnt get my name ran or anything like that, they said it was no big deal and bounced but still makes me wonder… and quite possibly the cops do know abiut me but i live in a tough area in SLC UT and they got worse shit to worry aboyt than a ritual wich makes me assume they a
Have something to do with the system or corruption going on in this world. My friend told me that people who have alot of power are already working with demons and trying to become one if anything and that when you try to summon up a demon cops or something like a cat or animal or bird will apear to watch you because your calling up a source of their power and they dont want you to take power away from them or their demon/deitey. What you guys think?

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Keep in mind a neighbor or passer by may have called it in. You’re not doing anything wrong but keep in mind the stigma of the occult. I know in Bridgeport CT I live in the state there was a news report of a Santeria ritual where dead chickens where hanging from trees. Also a murder, a man killed his wife claiming she was a Voodoo priestess and placed a curse on him.

Unfortunately the number of people who practice in the occult and don’t bother anyone are not heard about in the mainstream. All people know is crime and insanity equated with it. Not the many who practice and are wonderful members of society. So it appears these cops are suspicious of you. Unfortunately we may be free to practice but we are not free of scrutiny and the public’s opinion. This is why myself and I am sure others choose to keep their practice discreet and private.

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Candles can be a hot topic as any open flame esp since the burning of California. Out in the woods or wherever for me is little battery operated tea candles now.

They might be surveying you to see if they can recruit you. Cops use psychics quite frequently these days. Also of course with the influx of catholic Mexicans et al AS COPS they immediately associate some types of ritual practise with gangs and drugs - specifically santissima muerte.


Oh, you live in Salt Lake? Yeah, those were definitely demon cops then.

They are probably attracted to you, as Mormon Jesus is pretty strong out there. Your inkling of taking the power away from “them” is probably very correct.

The LDS do not like competition.

When I lived in SLC (Clearfield, cause I’ll never claim Ogden), I used to do all sorts of fun magic in Adams Canyon. You might try to head up in the canyons or out west past Roy and Kerns. There would be far fewer prying eyes out there.

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Going to attempt another ritual right niw in pubkic park fuck the system

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let us kno how it goes

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Cannot remember which movie, but Dirty Cops are referred to as Witches. And yes Cops do use psychics, where any psychic expressing interest in doing things like “looking for Pedophiles” is most likely working for some sort of cops.

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This time ritual went well, i am having trouble evocating kimg paimon can anyone please help me with this

I also have a law keep away oil i used today so far so goood it worked it got my friend out of jail today he had to turn himself in today for brandishing a gun at someone and he walked home after an hour so my oil works like a charm ill tell you guys that no cops came to my ritual either and i also used some last night as i sipped 2 and 40s and smoked some tree and had to drive worked like a charm for me

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Sounds like a great opportunity to have fun with a servitor just for them…

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Also from SLC. You ever do workings in Neff’s Canyon? Excellent place. Always had a mystical vibe to me before I ever got into this

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