Publishing BALG pages on other sites

Sometimes there are serious awesome discussions which I would like to email to my wife or kids, is there a way to do so without them having to sign up to see them, or is that a no no ? I know they would like the info without having to be a member- but after reading it, they may well want to be [very hopefully]

you dont have to sign up for the forum to view it. only to post.

Are you sure? :slight_smile:

I just logged out to test this (I recall when I signed up it didn’t show me anything) and can’t get past the log-in page. If you can see it when you’re logged out, please let me know what setup you have - I usually use W7 & Firefox on a PC or laptop.

Anyway Frater DarkMatter, you could save web pages from here to your laptop and show them those, maybe? :slight_smile:

Or, you could just sneak the ideas at 'em in another form - sometimes our loved ones don’t share the exact same enthusiasms we do, for example my sweetie thinks it’s great that I’ve found some internet chums as crazy as me but has NO interest in posting here, he’s not into forums and only uses social media for the bare minimum for his work, and that’s fine! :wink:

Are you sure? :)[/quote]

Just trying to be a tiny bit helpful with this here, lol. I once accidentally tried to read the forum, not realizing I was logged out of it. Nope, couldn’t get anything at all, only a notice to please either register or log in.