Publicly Thanking Sastan (KOF)

I have been working with Sastan throughout the Mastering Evocation Course and he has done a remarkable job in helping me to really open my senses and experience the worlds of the spirits we work with.

But that is not what I wanted to thank him for. Last night I held an evocation ritual to call Sastan and have him annoint me as a seer, and to bless my eyes and mind so that I could both see and understand spirits and personal revelations. I actually felt hands on my eyes and head as he blessed them. That was yesterday, today I have been feeling like I have been in a light trance. I decided to pay attention to it and not let the feeling pass until I knew what was going on. What I got, as soon as I paid attention, was a personal revelation on my financial state. I saw myself and in seeing myself I had to face some very real problems that I tend to put off and shove in the back of my head.

It hurt having to face the fact that I am very weak at keeping money. I can grab all the money I want through occult means, but my marginal propensity to consume is too high ( I spend way to much, for all you non econ majors out there). But the first step to fixing a problem is admitting that I have one. And thanks to Sastan I was forced to see myself as I really am.

So thank you Lizzard Man. And if anyone wants to see spirits (even your own) I fully endorse Sastan.

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When you first came into contact with him, was it simply opening his sigil?

1st time yes, this was a full blown evocation lastnight though.

Great. Reason I ask is because I have JUST STARTED going through the course. I am going to start on part 3 tonight! :slight_smile:

Nice! You are going to get to know Sastan and Paralda very well. Good luck!

I have tried scrying Sastan numerous times…to no discernible avail :frowning:

I am sorry AcidKing. If your finances allow I would suggest getting a consultation with E.A. I hear that they are amazing. I wish I could help, but I clearly don’t even have myself figured out yet.

Great insights bro. Dont feel bad either, I am absolutely horrible at blowing my way through my wallet, lol. One of my biggest obstacles right now is getting my own place so I can be more dedicated to my occult interests rather than having to conceal it so much. Not all of my roommates are very understanding about spirituality. Awesome story with Sastan though, youve got me interested in him.