Publicly Thanking King Paimon

So a few months ago, inspired by contagion’s posts, I contacted King Paimon. I talked with him a bit and then asked for his assistance. Part of our deal was for me to announce that he does keep his word even if he thinks you are a damned fool, and he really thinks that I am a damned fool. Also to give some advice.

Before you work with a goetic spirit, make damn sure you have a good relationship with them first. They love to help out those whom they know but if you call them up and command them without taking the time to get to know them they WILL fuck you up. King Paimon fucked me up, and I suspect it would have been worse if I didn’t have such a good relationship with Hecate and Belial. Never the less he did promise me something and he came through in spades, after I learned my lesson.

That is pretty much it, now I am off to get the rest if his offerings.

Stay frosty BALG.


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Lol.Why?Did he say why he thinks that way about you?

Yup, I McFucked up. I did not treat him with the respect he deserves. I did not try and disrespect him, I just was not as respectful to a Demonic King as I should have been. He made my life hell for about two months, but he did accomplish the task I set him on. I just finished up with the last of the offering/I am sorry work and he seems pleased.

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What offerings did you use? And are Goetic spirits dangerous to perform sigil majick with since you’re not actually getting to know them?

I would say get to know the spirit well and build a good relationship with them before you ask for things. And as sigil magic is mostly used to contact and begin forming relationships with spirits (at least that is what I use it for) you should be fine. As a matter of.fact everything seemed dandy until I issued a task.

The Goetics are a bit wierd in my experience (Divinator gave me some great advice about them) I would say get to know them well.

Unless it is a HUGE emergency. I asked Dantalionto preform a task and it was carried out with no harm to me at all. But this was during an emergency. I could have and should have gotten to know King Paimon better before issuing a task. This was actually during our second encounter and I thought hey why not. He was offened and I paid for it.

So regardless of sigil communication or full-blown evocation I would build a relationship first.