Greetings BALG Forum members,

As some of you know, I’ve been in a little bit of a transitional phase as of late, and although my Lord Halah’thor working did work and I do feel that “The Big Picture” of my empire has been addressed…I’m still working with the baby steps too.

With that being said I was instructed to work with King Paimon from my last Personal Consult with E.A., as a patron Demon for right now to assist me in getting things moving.

Now, for myself I’ve opened Paimon’s sigil and issued my task and I’ve been carrying his sigil in my wallet as well.

In addition to working with Paimon for me, I’ve also been introducing other people to Paimon as well. One guy I’ve already introduced to Paimon and within 3 days after the ritual he got a job and his own his pay to getting recognition/titles/and power…of course it’s up to him to do the leg work to maintain. One other guy I will introduce later today to Paimon.

So, part of my working with Paimon was to introduce him to others as well as publicly thank him on BALG. I am thanking King Paimon publicly for working in my friend Billy’s life and bringing to him that which he wants.

I instructed Bill to keep Paimon’s sigil in his wallet as well, give thanks every so often by gazing into the sigil, and give Paimon some blood on his sigil as payment.

Funny thing about this whole operation was that my friend Bill got quicker results for his intention than I got for mine! I am also very grateful that I’m in a position that I can do Magick for others right now in order to build my own power, and to give the spirits opportunities to work on this plane.

I’ll keep everyone posted with the other workings regarding King Paimon.

Hail Paimon.


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I just got done with my 3rd working with King Paimon for another friend of mine. So I’m yet again honoring him publicly. Funny thing is that both my friends felt “something” during the rituals…BOTH are not into any of this!!! All I used was candles, King Paimon’s Sigil, and their blood to charge their sigils.

I used my UC, chanted The Grand Incantation, burned some high-end Tibetan Bon incense and voila!!!

So just keepin everybody posted. Thanks again to all of you for your likes and thank you King Paimon.


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I also would like to pay homage to the Great King Paimon. I had been going through some intense financial battles for the last past year. In a short period of time, working with King Paimon has opened some streams for income in my life. So I’d like to pay homage also!

I’ve been working with King Paimon as well and would also like to thank him. He’s gone above and beyond to help me bind people’s wills and doesn’t screw around.

Thank you King Paimon!

I will like to pay my respect to the great King Paimon and the Mighty Duke Bune too. I was in a deep financial issue for almost an year. 10 months ago I did a ritual for The King and Duke and got an amazing job which is paying me highly. One thing to know. That time I had no experience in occult whatsoever. Currently I’m working with my personal Trinity: Lord Satan; King Paimon; Duke Bune. For Knowledge; Power and Money. I will keep all posted about my developments in this realm.



This is a great post guys. Keep it up. I hope to see more.