Public thanks

I want to publicly thank Arzel, Iaoth, Petahyah, Opiel; Elubatel, Anael, Jazar, Zoroel, and Sabriel for helping me to achieve my wishes and improve my life. I did the General Purpose Ritual to approve an exam, I also did the Health Ritual to help my dog with cancer, and finally, I performed the Chant to Excite Love to meet someone new. All the rituals worked. I must also say, that I connected with Elubatel the most.


For anyone wondering, these spirits and rituals are from NAP, right?

I started reading NAP and I’m curious on how do you do the rituals
Do you simply relax and say the chant once or do you use the middle pillar technique?

@Bizarre Yes, those spirits are from NAP (I forgot to mention that in my post). You can do the Middle Pillar Ritual if you like after doing the New Avatar Power Ritual (Point A) if you want to reinforce it, but is not necessary. Then, after you complete point A, you can perform the ritual you want (money, health, success). It would be like this:

  1. New Avatar Power Ritual point A
  2. Middle Pillar (optional). I must say that the Middle Pillar Ritual includes the Circulation and Fountain ritual, and also de the Bornless invocation.
  3. Chant specific for your need (money, success, etc).

I did another NAP evocation for a different situation (Health), it did kind of work but I haven’t obtained full results yet, I still want to thank Arzel, Zoroel, Sabriel, Elubatel, Iaoth, Opiel, Petahyah.