Public thanks to the great servant The Witch

I am publicly thanking the great servant The Witch from the 40 servants group of egregores created by Tommie Kelly as thanks for her help and fulfilling my request The Forty Servants – Adventures in Woo Woo they are free to utilise though they are apart of an oracle deck and there is a companion book on them neither of which I own, I asked The Witch to help me to perceive magickal influence on me and since asking I have noticed when thoughts have popped into my head as if they were put there by someone else and when things seem to fall in place or other wyrd things occur , overall I highly recommend for any other beginner magickians to work with them as nothing could be easier and they give good results without needing much practice.


The 40 Servants is quite an interesting deck, since it’s both an oracle deck and a book of spirits to work with individually. I haven’t gotten to work with it personally but I have heard nothing but great things.