Public Thanks to Earl Andromalius

Hi Everyone. I’m just popping on to say a massive public thank you to the great Earl Andromalius for helping me with a very difficult situation! :slight_smile:

Due to the nature of the issue, I can’t give too much specific detail I’m afraid - but basically, over two years ago I asked for his help with a situation in which I needed certain peoples’ deeds to be made known, stopped and reversed- followed by their arrests and imprisonment- if they were in fact doing what was being alleged, and that it would not in any way involve myself or anyone else that had been drawn into the situation against their will. The fact that this was occurring that long ago is an indicator of how serious the situation was and there was not exactly an overnight solution (mentioning this in case anyone thinks I was being lazy in thanking the Earl).

Last year I received a very clear indicator and signs that things were being resolved. At the time I again called on Andromalius, thanking him and explaining why it was taking so long to establish whether things had been resolved or not. He was completely understanding and reassuring. I thought at the time that I would wait a bit longer and perhaps in future I would be in a position where I could ascertain whether or not the arrests had been made. However, due to the complexity of the situation I have not been able to do so. Hence why I have made the decision to assume at this point that all is resolved or in the process of being resolved (which I have full confidence in, and as mentioned- last year I found out some info which indicated VERY clearly that the situation was progressing well), and I am posting this as promised to him, as well as undertaking a fast today, and will be calling on him again tonight with the usual offering of strawberries, Rose wine, sponge cake and raw eggs.

I am extremely grateful to the Earl- it was truly horrific and massively disturbed my peace of mind at the time. I’d like to mention as well that I usually mind my own business and I’m definitely not in the habit of getting people arrested! However, this had the potential to affect me/people I know, hence why I had to act. Also the nature of the alleged activities was utterly horrific, and though I know all morality is of course a matter of perspective and ‘taste’- lets just say this was in my opinion ‘in very bad taste’ :wink:- and I knew that I had to act with integrity and stand against it in alignment with my personal beliefs.

Thank you as well to the balg member who had suggested I work with him - I believe the person in question has since deactivated their account- but I am thankful for the advice and this was definitely the right spirit to ask! :slight_smile:

I would definitely recommend Andromalius if you need anyone’s underhanded/criminal dealings made known, criminal activities stopped, arrests made etc. I’d also just like to emphasise how reassuring Andromalius was with me and this was greatly appreciated due to the magnitude of what I was facing, and the fact that I suffer from very bad anxiety in general. He made me feel very calm and I knew that everything would be OK.

If I am ever in a position where I can confirm what the final outcome was I will update this thread if possible. However I am extremely confident that all is well and the situation (is/being) resolved.

Also, as a little aside- the balg member who recommended him had mentioned that he often works with the Marquis Andras and around the time of the evocation, interestingly, Andras actually introduced himself to me (in a not so subtle way haha)- and has helped me with a few unrelated issues since!

Apologies for the vagueness of this post, its not my usual style- but due to the nature of the circumstances I couldn’t provide much more than a basic outline!