Public thanks to Beleth and Asmoday!

I wanna thank beleth and asmoday. they have came through and pushed me through boundaries. they manipulated events to help me reach my goal. all hail Beleth and Asmoday!!!

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Could you share how to invoked or evoked Beleth

He’s right. You can’t just say some shit like that and not share your story. Let’s hear it.

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I’d like to hear the story too

Well he can, you mean that he shouldn’t.

There is a thread for publicly thanking spirits that has been created, and he is meant to be posting there if he isn’t sharing his story.

The OP stated he was 17 and acted like an immature know-it-all on a recent thread, calling out the site owner as well as being openly contemptuous of a number of other members on here, and yet in his posts of just a short time before, he makes it clear he’s not experienced with magick.

This is relevant to the opening post in this thread, and was posted 9 days after this topic:

I suspended his account for one year in hopes that he’ll mature out of it, you can read his post history for some of the behaviours I’m talking about (I removed the post where he was just being insulting, since it was off-topic and encourages similar behaviours from people who don’t know any better) - compare his first few posts to his claims on the thread about money magick.

We have some members who’ve stated they’re under 18 on here and who post in a very mature manner, he sadly wasn’t one of them, maybe he’ll have time to cool his heels and behave more responsibly if/when he returns. I think he had a few minor successes and decided he knew more than everyone else, E.A. included, which may well pass with time.

And to be fair, this topic was started on 2nd May, the “Thanking Spirits” thread wasn’t opened until the 27th May, so the OP wasn’t at fault for posting this as he did since it didn’t exist at the time. :slight_smile: