Public thanks for Dantalion

Okay I certainly that some public praise is in order here. I just had a bit of a crazy evening. I was simply on a very short trip to the next town over with a couple of people on a quick errand. Not at all in the mindset of magic or the demonic. I was pulled over by the police on the freeway. It seems I had failed to correctly yield to an emergency vehicle. I freely admit that was my stupid mistake. So of course I pulled right over and admit my error and hand everything over. As if that wasn’t bad enough a problem was discovered with my insurance papers. Something I was only made aware when I was pulled over. Sitting in my vehicle on the side of the freeway I was let thinking now I had gone and done it. I was looking at a good deal of money in tickets, likely hundreds of dollars, for the original offence and then the issue with the papers. Getting towed was not off the table either.

Now I have worked a very small amount with Dantalion before, ( I have heard quite a bit that he likes social media, so I would think he shouldn’t mind me posting this on here) and while not for anything involving police I recalled accounts of how he seems good at just this sort of thing. I just sent a thought out to him “think you can help me out?” Just a quick simple telepathic thought. I had absolutely nothing to lose by trying it. Since he is not a completely unknown spirit I have never talked to, I figured maybe. Not two minutes later the cop comes back taps on my window and says he could give me that expensive ticket and worse, but he won’t. He said free to go, but deal with these papers in the morning (I said I would and I indeed will) and make sure I watch for emergency vehicles and have a good night. Not even a mention of the burned out headlight I later noticed when the night got darker.

Obviously tomorrow I have a bulb to change, and I need to stop at the insurance company. I will rectify all that ASAP. A good lesson learn. But I wanted to publicly say thanks for saving my rear when I went and made my own stupid mistake.