Public thanks and praise to Prince Vassago

This is my public praise and eternal thanks to one and only prince Vassago, the master of many occult secrets and offices and finding the lost objects is what he does the best.
My situation is like this. I applied to a certain job and my experience checks all the bells and whistles as required. So, I sent my job application via post office and on its way it got “lost” for no apparent reason. I am one of those guys who simply refuse to believe in ACCIDENTS. Final deadline for job application was on 13th of September so I sent my documents on 10th. Their postman collected all the post(mine too) and day after day mine was nowhere to be found.
So, I decided to use some spiritual help because humans have caused all the problems. I used a certain evocation method by VK Jehannum ( his matroness Qalilitu gave it to him and you can find it on VK’s page). Simple and effective oration. Lord Vassago as is was the perfect and only candidate for my petition. After the oration I stated that I was ready to give public thanks on BALG forum. And in less than an hour I got a call that my job application was found somewhere hidden far from eyes and everything is OK now and how they are sorry for all the problems they had caused. Once again thank you prince Vassago for your speedy Gonzales help. Eternal thanks :pray: and magic works in mysterious ways :smiley:


Isn’t that the truth!!! That’s awesome & good luck, I hope you get the job :crossed_fingers:t5:


Update for you. Remember my post about prince Vassago helping me with my lost job aplication?
Here is some better news. I got the job because I used C. Kendall’s useful tip from his post “Magic without tools” and I called Orobas and voila.
Yours trully got the job :ok_hand:


Nice job man, bravo! We salute you. Prince Orobas is a champ for sure and Prince Vassago, hrs got style!


That’s awesome news!!! Congrats on your new job!!!


Thank you very much :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: things once put in motion cannot be stopped :wink: