Public Praise of King Belial


As part of my promised payment to King B. for a job well done I agreed to publicly thank him, cause he likes that.

A little background:

I have a good friend whose fiance was slated to appear before a court for DUI charges, thing is she passed her field sobriety test…apparently the cop tried to get her on a bunch of other charges.

Things didn’t look too good.

He asked for my help and immediately Belial came to mind. Now, Belial is not a “get out of jail free” card, but work with him enough and you’ll come to understand and appreciate his contempt for “The Man” so he can help with legal matters…he can help with a LOT of stuff.

I first did a reading on what the overall effect of asking for King B. to intercede, it all came back positive so I set my temple up to have a chat with my favorite Demon.

I asked the aid of my patron in assisting with the evocation, and then called up Belial. He agreed to do what he could with the court case, we agreed on a payment and then he left.

I found out today that my friend’s fiance got off with a fine, community service, un-monitored probation, and can only use a vehicle for the necessities (ie work, doctors office…ETC) much better than the jail time she was looking at. Turns out the court lost some paper work and the cop’s story suddenly had some holes in it. She was offered a plea bargain and took it (so would I to be honest)

So, thank you Belial.

I have to agree. i remember Stephanie Connolly’s admonition that 'Demons are fluffy bunnys"; but man he sure has a way of being the “Friend you can’t wait to hang out with”. Can’t wait for my future with him.
Whats kinda funny, a couple years ago, I already picked out which demons I was going to begin working with, and what order- Belial bumped in and I thought, “ok, maybe if he can help me to accomplish what targets I am going for”. now, it is pretty clear to me i may not go for them for quite some time, already got the next one lined up- and now I don’t care- I find every time he says- “X Y or Z, instead of what you wanted, it is just awesome, and I can’t be more happy”.
Belial- I Love You, and happily promote and glorify your name and being !