Public praise for Astaroth

As the title suggests, this is a public praise for Astaroth and little encounter I had with him.

Firstly, I have read other encounters that he appeare to some people as a female. He comes to me as a human male.

Secondly, he recently introduced himself to me about a day or two ago in a dream three times. First time, I woke up but kept my eyes closed. I felt someone standing over me and I could feel as if my body was being pulled in both directions from my head and feet. I then had this weird feeling like time was warping…I got a little scared honestly and a sudden wave of calmness came over me and heard the name loud and clear…“Astaroth”. I heard another two times and when I woke up, I searched his name and felt his presence with me majority of the day. That same day after I got home, stepped outside to my garden. I stepped back and saw some black fuzzy orb that was the size of an rabbit jump out and take off running but disappeared. I even heard a scratching sound and I looked around to see if I could find whatever it was but couldn’t. I am still unsure if this was related to Astaroth showing himself and playing a prank or maybe some fae creature lol. Nonetheless, it was odd.


This morning I decided to do a small meditation on him to get a little deeper feel of him. He appeared to me as a 16th century looking man wearing a truly cap and 16th esque clothing. He had a sense of regalness about him and looked intellectual. The color green kept popping up and the animals cheetah, leopards, black cats and lions…he seemed to tell me he loved those animals a lot and he adores animals. Especially feline animals. He made sure to let me know he was a perfectionist and someone with a loyal heart who’s protective as well as firm and cares deeply for others and loves to teach people who are willing to listen.

When it came to him about offerings, he seemed to put a huge emphasis on food. He even said in a jokingly way “I’m always hungry”. His favorites are decadent, rich fatty and sweet foods. Examples he showed me were roast pork, red wine, grapes.
Also as an offering he would appreciate a blood offering. He suggested I make one for him with his sigil.

The last meditation I did with him, a image of a toad came to mind and I am not sure of the significance of this…if anyone knows please let me know!

Overall, the vibes I get with Astaroth are sweet, deep, understanding and firm who will father you and take care of you and teach you the things that he seems are necessary for you. He seems very nurturing. His energy is calming and loving and quite strong. He does have a strong sense of feminine energy to him especially when he is showing his nurturing fatherly side. Of course with that fatherly side to him, he will punish you if necessary.

This is only the beginning with me and Astaroth and I’m looking forward to learn more about him.



Hail the god Astaroth

She appeared to me as a mother and helped me have $8000 in 24 hours.