Public Apology

A while ago, I made an angry post saying that the occult was not real and insulting people on the forum.

I must say now that I regret saying those things and that my beliefs at that point in time were not accurate. I was personally angry at things in my life, and I’m sorry for lashing out at the forum.

That is not me.

I’m sorry, and thank you all for the existence of the occult


I’d love to see my dad post that, but I have my doubts he ever will.

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Everyone makes mistakes, the important part is to learn from it.
As a child I had a lot of doubts if all this was real or not, for an example…
When I was 15 years old I did a ritual to dedicate myself to Lucifer and the second I finished it I mean the absolute very second, there was a picture of me as a baby standing on the window sill falling down. The window was not open and the frame stood stable. I checked all of the reasons for it to fall down and I didn’t find anything. I felt a really powerful energy filling the whole room up and the very next day I heard a voice after waking up.
The more deeper I got the more I knew, it’s me being either crazy or realizing that there’s so much things around us that most of us have no idea of.

Sometimes I became frustrated just like you and sometimes I was sad. I haven’t doubted the reality of the occult for years now and it’s okay to doubt because I personally believe it’s something we all do sometimes in life, especially when you’re a beginner because there’s so much things you need to learn. You did nothing wrong, you created a post based on your emotions and anger is a powerful emotion. The very best part of this is that you learned and now understand it. I hope your personal reasons for your anger has calmed down and that you’re not dealing with whatever you dealt with.


Then we are two, sadly.

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