Public Announcement a.k.a. License to Depart: May Astaroth find whomever would work well with him/her

I have my reasons for posting this. I won’t answer why and why it’s in a license of depart format.

I hereby release you, Astaroth, from my Court and in the name of The Most High and your Emperor Lucifer, I appoint you to help out whoever on this forum seeks out your aid and guidance. All they have to do is open your sigil and recite the conjuration EIGHT times - and you will come to them and reveal your presence to them.

Find a fitting partner or partners on this forum who is not me, and work with them good and honestly, O King Astaroth, ruler of the Western Parts.

This is the seal by which you are called by those that seek you:


This is the conjuration by which you appear to your potential partners, without delay, beguile and horror:

Astaroth, Ador, Cameso, Valuerituf, Mareso, Lodir, Cadomir, Aluiel, Calniso, Tely, Plorim, Viordy, Cureviorbas, Cameron, Vesturiel, Vulnavij, Benez, Meus, Calmiron, Noard, Nisa Chenibranbo Calevodium, Brazo Tabrasol, Come Astaroth, Amen.

Go in peace, Astaroth, and let it be!

And good luck.

Note #1: All you have to do is open this specific seal and recite the conjuration above EIGHT times, not seven as listed in the Grimorium Verum. There’s a reason for that.

Note #2: This isn’t anything new. The seal, the conjuration, they’re from the grimorium verum. But I had to write this publicly in a license to depart format for reasons I can’t tell.

Note #3: This isn’t about me giving permission to anyone to work with anyone. There reason behind this is much deeper and more personal if anything.

I hope you have good experiences with Astaroth.