Public Acknowledgement - Thank You Amon

I started working with Amon yesterday. I have been wanting to work with him for a long time, but didn’t know where or how to begin. I did my research and told myself it’s either now or never, stop procrastinating, just do it. So just a little background, I have a very strained relationship with my son’s father. I don’t want to do anything to harm him because of our son. I just want our relationship to improve so we can work better as a team to coparent our child. We aren’t in a relationship, but we do have a very long, decades long history, so there is a mix of feelings involved, both positive and negative. It’s been more negative lately because of the last time he came to visit with our son about 4 months ago. Our child is only one years old. Anyway, he’s been cold and distant and barely speaking to me because of the negativity from the last visit. I wanted to work with Amon to help repair our relationship because from what I’ve read, he’s the one to go to for relationship issues, reconciliations etc.

So yes, yesterday I started my work. I was in my office at work so I couldn’t light any candles or anything. Instead of drawing his sigil, I printed it. I took a picture of my target with Amon’s sigil and printed them next to each other. I blew some air on the sigil, closed my eyes and meditated a bit to clear my head. I then wrote a letter to Amon because it was easier to keep my thoughts together that way. I told him about my situation, read my requests to him and meditated some more. I then folded the sigil and pic of my target so they faced each other, folded the letter, and placed them both in my phone case, with the sigil/target pic facing my battery, like another poster did in another thread (I’m sorry, I forgot the poster’s name).

Well, when I got home from work and after doing my routine with my babies, dinner and such, I had some quiet time at night. I went to my room lit a purple candle and did the exact same thing as I did in my office all over again, but this time really focusing on what I wanted. I offered public acknowledgement in exchange for the requests to be fulfilled and asked if he would help me. I went to bed soon after. I placed my phone under my pillow as I always do so I can hear the alarm in the morning. While falling asleep, I felt a nudge on my shoulder, like it actually felt like someone was waking me up, so I looked around but of course I didn’t see anyone. I then tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t. This is going to seem very strange, but then again, maybe it won’t. I heard a voice, a gentle but firm voice telling me to relax, and to not be afraid. He was glad I asked for his help because what I wanted from him made him happy. He said he would be happy to help me because all I wanted was to mend the relationship or friendship with my son’s father, and to just have faith in him to help.

He also went in on me though, and told me that I provoke my target, and his anger towards me is because of the things I say or do to provoke him. If i would just be quiet and be patient, I would get what I needed from my target. I was also told that we will never be in a relationship together because target is not capable of giving me what I need, stop wondering if target loves me because he does, stay out of target’s business because he’s not my boyfriend or husband, and just focus on the co-parenting relationship. All of that is exactly what I need to do.

I just wanted to honor my word of giving public acknowledgement and thank Amon publicly for speaking to me and helping me. It’s of course too early to see any big changes, but I’m confident I’ll see some soon.


Well, I’ve been working with Amon for 3 days now. I’m at work and I felt that Amon wanted to talk to me. I closed my office door, pulled up his Enn on YT, took his Sigil from my phone, blew some air on it, held it and just closed my eyes and meditated. After a few moments, Amon told me I needed to be patient to allow my requests to be granted, because he has to move some things around and work on my target. He also said he didn’t want any more offerings, and the only offering he would accept was for me to offer “love and peace” to my son’s father. I told Amon that was the hardest thing for me to do because we have a volatile relationship at times, and he told me I was going to have to dig deep and just do it. I absolutely LOVE Amon, love the fact that he is helping me learn more about myself, helping me grow into a better person. It will take a great deal of restraint and to be quite honest, maturity on my end in order to fulfill Amon’s request, but I will do it. Amon is so kind, and I am grateful for him to show me my reality, for helping me see the truth and for being firm, yet gentle with me.


Awwn I do not know what to say as I am still unfamiliar with these entities…

But I loved too how Amon comes across with you, very kind and warm .

Love and light

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@anon48508954 What a nice experience! I wish I had a “straight line” like that with him. Very happy for you though! :raised_hands:t5:

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When it comes to sigils and targets … Will writing a name on one side of the paper, and sigil on the other side work? OR, what about if I had a target’s name (or any other kind of request) on one side of the paper, and just drew the sigil over it that way? Would that be okay too?

Thanks for any guidance you can offer.