Psychics - request for help


how to use auto writing? i have tried with the Lucifer and he showed me that i was someone he smiled about.




You just get a pen and paper, get into a meditative state, and write what comes. Best for evoking/invoking where you’re in your body, of course. Don’t worry if your handwriting is weird, just let it go and flow,you can clean it up later.


That cord cutting video isn’t a bad idea - if you were vampirised you may still have a connection that is continually draining the new qi you cultivate.



@Purple - these are off topic, this person is a previously experienced operator looking for troubleshooting advice not newbie youtube vids.


There isn’t anything wrong with sharing videos. Maybe they forgot about them. It should be left up to them if they watch them.


It’s up to him, but you’re clogging up the the thread and it’s not super helpful.

If you have some real advice from your personal experience, that would be great. It’s been 5 years - I think he already looked on youtube for an answer to this one

He asked for specific advice. Posting off topic is against the forum rules.
Ergo, yes, there IS something wrong with sharing videos like those in this case.


You are right but I have been trying to repair for five years. I’m am about ready to dive deep into the depst of the void to figure what happened to me. I have been robbed of my light and I am willing to burn th witch.


Lesson learned. Don’t bother helping anyone on this forum. Got it.


Your videos have helped me meditate. You are right to have posted. Thank the Devine for you. Don’t fret or feel like it is in vien because it soothes my soul. It repelled even me from my laptop because I am consumed with rage.


I beleive Lilith lead me here. She has been reaching out to me the last two years on and off as if I mean something to her.


Rage isn’t always a bad thing. :slight_smile: It’s energy, and you can use it to fuel workings. Since one of your issues is a lack of energy, adapting to using what you do have seems reasonable to me.

So when Lilith reaches out, what happens? Do you try to answer, do you evoke, do you journey to meet her in her throne room? And how does that pan out?


She was in fact very powerful I. Aura unlike anything I have encountered ever.


Yet strangely not her or Lucifer can reach me as if I am stuck in limbo. harm or foul life threading has been banished from my life mysteriously.


Anyone. Inflicting harm has suffered immensely to my surprise.


I do remember her reaching out to me saying that she was cursed with kids though.


I have cast a ritual with candles and did not use my blood but with saliva. I feel i might have disrespected her in a way but i felt i should use the closest thing to blood since i do not want to prick my finger.