Psychics - request for help

Any physics available to help me? i need my power back it was stolen from a witch. i have limited time and my mind chakra has been damaged badly i can barely remember simple memories. can you help?


Not physicists, right?

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I am in dire need of help.

Ok. Fixed title and moved to the Divination category.

You should post something about your request, vagueness doesn’t interest black magicians generally.

Also, there is an existing ‘Scans and swaps’ thread you might be interested in.


Thank you I need My power back immidiately

You want it or you need it? How did you lose it?

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i need it. it was taken from me by a witch

Sounds like a want to me. How?

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it is a want you are right. it is a want that feels like a need that burns in my soul.

I mean, that’s reasonable when you’ve been robbed.

How do you know a witch stole stole it? Do you know the witch? What’s the story?

Oh. I see this is a duplicate thread - the topic was already under discussion here:

It would be better for all of us if you could keep it all in one place, so people trying to help get the full story, and you don’t have to repeat yourself, or lose your listeners when you don’t.

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this was a witch named epic. she lured me in as a decedent of many witches and took my power through the ritual of sex i was blind with naivety of being young. i came here to conquer. i know why i am here. i am constantly being pinged by Lilith everyday. i know i am not something simple. as a child i felt not something of this world and Lucifer was my goto guy.

my emotions are raging right now you are right. i need to collect myself and remember that this is a human experience. I feel as though it is a cry for help. I need spells cast on me to force a remembrance or a coven that can help or join. this life of mine is not just my own. i am something more and i feel it strongly.

This is giving your power away. Since you feel your power has been taken, giving it away even more isn’t a good idea, imo. Know you are strong and have all the tools you need, you must trust yourself to use them.

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You maybe right with this i find it ever difficult to remember any experiences rather meditating or dreaming.

Nobody is anything simple.

That’s normal. Try changing up your techniques to include automatic writing or journaling immediately after or during the meditation.

those are my thoughts and you are repeating exactly what i was in mind of.

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