Psychic Tears in Magick

Hey all,

I wanted to open up the discussion of “Psychic Tears” in relation to Magick, and their sort of connotations that they have.

Tears are mostly water and salt. According to Azazel, water is one of the Gateways to the spirit world, and in particular is representative of the abyss. Symbolically, there are many connotations to water being related to personal emotion. I find that salt can be used to nullify/“ground” or conduct particular energy currents depending on the intent of its user. Combining these two aspects together implies that our tears constitute of a physical manifestation of our emotions from our personal psyche.

When they happen to be shed in a ritual, the naturally flowing tears can amplify the power of the intent that manifest. I have found that items can be concentrated with tears, and personal emotions can be placed into any sort of fetish to amplify its power.

In a general social sense, the physical act of crying seems to activate all types of social connotation, but it’s purely subjective to each interaction. For me it just appears to be a generally understood indication of extreme emotion. What puzzles me the most is that humans are the only animals that can cry. That for some reason we as humans physically expel water and salt, two vital “ingredients” to our physical survival, just for the sake of indicating how we feel.

My general question to you all is; why have we evolved the ability to cry emotional, “Psychic” tears? and what ways can we as Magicians use them for?


Ive been wondering the same thing about the tears. When Im not making a connection Im dry. But, when Im able to make a link to the ritual and/or entity Im trying to work with Im not “crying” normal tears. It feels like ice cold tingles of energy in the tears when Im in a good mood. Bad mood and it feels like fire dripping down my face and always a stream of water. I guess it’s emotions manifested in a physical form. Reminds me of mermaid tears so there has to be some magical use for them.

To lightly touch on this, it is empathy that makes an empath. Of course Azazels tears extinguishing the flames of hell is just as symbolic as the magician who sells his soul to the devil but the idea nonetheless is inserted right in there.

Before assigning an Occult Association to the Tears (which is quite common because it sounds cool to call them Mermaid or Angels tears or whatever), do some investigation into the actual intent/energy meaning behind the Tears and their Source. Yes it can be highly energizing, but it has an Origin of Intent behind it. Just knowing this well teach you how to do better things such as filtering energy as well as Navigating the world of endless energy types.

Reason I said mermaid tears is:

  1. the idea tears have a use in magic in general because like mermaid tears the energy in them could possibly be used like you said based on the intent that caused them.

  2. I overheard a conversation from elder Native American shaman from Florida and a Puerto Rican one when I was a kid at a flea market. The fountain of youth wasn’t a location but the tears of mermaids but because Ponce De Leon and his crew unknowingly screwed up their homes with their ships and anchors they disappeared. Since they disappeared the art of using tears was somewhat gone with them.

True or not…idk all I know is tears got power behind them I have first hand experience with ingesting someone elses and have been wrecked for days aftwards.


@Donaldf973, Excellent points, and it’s intriguing that you specifically mention the tears of Mermaids. Even if it is just symbolically.

From what I know of myth and legend; Merfolk typically can’t cry liquid tears because they live within bodies of water. So each time a mermaids physical tear is depicted, it is often as a type of stone found naturally within water. I have seen it represented by glass that has been smoothed by the sea, and other times I see them represented by pearls. Regardless, one of the main differences is that their tears are said to be permanent while ours does not last in this world for too long before evaporating. It implies it takes more effort for a mermaid to cry, and when they do it is supposedly incredibly genuine and full of emotion. Personally, most stories I have encountered where a mermaid crying is out of mourning for lost or unrequited love.