Psychic Self Defense

Has anyone experienced the phenomena known as cyberstalking, technological harassment, V2K?

I’m just curious, because I’ve been experiencing audible, verbal telepathy through a seemingly similar manifestation. I think that most people who believe in those conspiracies are just psychic and gifted, but have no defenses and are experiencing a sort of sensory overload. Paranoia tends to feed that frenzy and make it worse. Anyone?

Look up the youtube channel Lookoutfa Charlie, he has years of research and analysis on it from a technical/audio perspective in multiple applications, usually experimental and what I would guess are black ops.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot in the way of defense but knowing you’re not mad and having psychological support against the constant negativity can help.

I think that people are getting confused. I don’t believe there’s near as much use of technology as there is some kind of development in the human psyche as the result of constant bombardment to our Central Nervous System with EMF, and joined with fear and hatred of whoever our perceived adversary is, and finally an underdeveloped evolutionary trait which is the ability to physically perceive and interpret signals from our environment which come in the form of EMF. Your body is made of 60% water, wired from head to toe with nerves, and finally emanates and receives electromagnetic signals. Naturally, whenever the amount of EMF in our environment has dramatically increased, our brains and bodies would attempt to adapt. I think we’re evolving a sort of telepathy, the ability to interpret those EMF signals verbally to our intellect, and because of fear and paranoia we assume it’s always some conspiracy. I think it’s our emotional midbrain’s attempt at telling our cerebral cortex what the group thinking mentality is attempting to program us with.

Oh I see. I think these are separate things. There’s room under the sun for both.
I know Charlie (if that’s his name, not sure) is in the “it’s 100% human-generated, there’s no such thing as hauntings” camp. I’m an occultist so I think it’s some and some. Analysis of the kinds of messages Charlie’s victims get are obviously human-sourced, thinking in human ways, or human-trained AI ways. If not human, they’re parasitic and would be treated pretty much the same way - get rid of it by any means necessary. The issue here is the messages are always negative and psychologically harmful.
You said V2K so that’s the tack I took. V2K is real and is a weapon, and weapons are for harm. I personally wouldn’t downplay anyone’s experience from being targeted with RF and EM weapons.

Outside of that, you have your empaths who are picking up people in the neighbourhood. I believe this is normal.

I think telepathy is an ability everyone has but for most s undeveloped. It’s not an evolution as much as a natural birthright, something that is the default means of communication for non-humans but for various reasons has been suppressed in our current human cultures. Our educational system is well-designed at the moment to suppress any development of telepathy in children.

To get back to your issue, since it appears you aren’t saying you’re targeted by the mundane side of things, yo have a problem common to sensitives - you pick up so much you get overwhelmed? You can’t eat out because a restaurant full of the turbulent energy of others gets to you?

Remote Viewers work specifically on improving communication with the subconscious. Since these message are coming through the subconscious, what they do is ask their subconscious to “dial it down”, and they might even visualise turning a volume knob down.
This lets them function in place where they’d otherwise get overloaded.

From there, there are multiple levels of telepathy. Humans need to not just relearn basic telepathy but how to observer surface thoughts and keep other thoughts private, and respect the private thoughts of others. There are alien species that don’t even bother to make mouths for their bodies, we can’t communicate with them without it. It’s a must-have going forward.

Hey, at least you’re open-minded to the idea. While I don’t doubt that some people are targeted by technology, it’s my opinion that some people who believe they’re victims of that are actually just empathic and telepathic and unable to process hyper-stimulation from their environment. I went through something similar, in that I had to learn to turn it down in much the same way you describe. I had to train myself to just ground and neutralize everything rather than identify and interpret every little thing I received from other people. It was an overload for no reason. Most of the time you just want to have a meal with a friend, and not read the whole damn restaurant. Other times, you are working on something and it helps to be able to read and interpret signals.

Well, this tech has patents out on it, that you can literally lookup in google patents. It’s not a mystery or a secret.

It also doesn’t explain why these people only get very specific voices, and aren’t just picking up anyone and everyone they meet, as a sensitive would. It’s not random when it’s human-generated, and it’s not controllable, as is can be when it’s your own sensitivity. These people are not reading other people in restaurants, they get audible voices in their heads telling them they have cancer and to kill cats.