Psychic Self Defence A La BALG


This is a thought inspired by the fantastic Friends with benefits project just starting up. It got me thinking about the power of the group here and the ways it can be used for mutual benefit when needed.

Now maybe this thought of mines only really counts for those newer to practical work like myself as it relates to psychic defence for those possibly under a malign influence. Now from what I pick up more experienced mages are already working with spirits and using familiars and will know when they are under attack and may even have spirits guarding them. However others certainly are not like myself. I should at this point put in a disclaimer - I dont think I am under attack at this point in case thats what you think is motivating these thoughts hah

So anyhow what I’m driving at is if someone felt they were could a group response be made to ‘cleanse’ their psychic environment or would this open up others to potential complications of retaliation to something that was essentially nothing to do with them other than via this forum? I’m not sure how much such occult operations can be traced back to individual people? If this was not the case such a scorched earth cleansing of the energies surrounding a person could be fantastically effective if they were in a spot of bother…


Your topic reminds me of the dark occult group in Frabato the Magician…one of Franz Bardons books…it illustrates some of the same type of problems that can be caused or delivered by a top group…It was overcome by Franz Bardon, a single individual…but I must add there are not that many magicians in the world of the quality of Bardon…that I know about…


Do you mean in the sense that a group attacked him and he had to combat that alone? I wasnt thinking of a pre-emptive group attack on anyone, that wouldnt be cricket at all…Unless its that person i had in mind…hehe


It happens all the time…if fact I was the target of one such group recently…lol…so I do know it is attempted today…but it is really a better book to read to get the full flavor of what we are talking about…easily obtainable today through all the book sources.



I have an interesting story to tell, Neophyte. I was quite depressed recently for a few days, fed up with my work situation mainly due to a very unstable negative person surrounding me in my work environment. I went into meditation on Sunday night and came to the conclusion that I never want to see that person ever again. It was an all encompassing and sudden decision. My mind was made up. I constantly felt the persons negative emotions and unreasonable hostility affecting me and attaching to me daily for several years and I was done with it. Everyone has been sick of it, not just me.

To cut a long story short, after the decision was made, in the same meditation I strongly visualized the ‘violet fire’ (as described on Robert Bruce’s site) burning away all the neg energy throughout my energy body, my home, my family, then my workplace area, like I was right there and seeing it burning like an violet astral fire cleaning all the ill natured and dirty filth away, cleansing everything.

Less than 48 hours later, that particular person being at work only 5 minutes, had a massive, violent verbal outburst at work, abusing the boss and was immediately sent home. There is more to say but I will leave it at this: He has not been back for three days and everyone in the place would love to see him gone and never come back.

P.S. The weirdest thing happened after I did the violet fire visualization. After I felt all cleansed and like it was a success, a sudden strong and pleasant energy rushed into the room and an image of a golden retriever dog sat in my minds eye for minutes just looking at me with total love and support, tongue out, happy as can be, sort of saying focus on me, be happy. I was totally enamored with this being and a smile of pure joy coming from within my solar plexus and heart chakra manifested on my face. I haven’t had a genuine smile for a looong time so this was something f**kin special.


Sorry to hear about how bad the work situation had previously been Virdon, I know how draining it can be when you have that situation in your life. But I would be surprised if your cleansing and banishing your subtle energy fields didnt link in to that outcome…

You know I wonder if people who are filled with such negative and aggressive emotions ‘manage’ it unconsciously by dumping amounts of it into other people to hold for them so that they can get by. There is a clear understanding in psychotherapies that people do this called ‘projective identification’ where unwanted feelings get projected and located in other people. But therapists know shit about subtle energies apart from some renegades like Feldenkrias though his work is more linked to body mind connections…

Looking at it with occult eyes I wonder if when negative people do this they are actually leaving shit in other peoples energy fields so they dont have to have it. If this is the case then doing what you did would effectively return that to sender - and that may have been enough to tip him over the edge by bursting his capacity to hold it all…

Anyway…Just think how powerful ten people doing this for one person would be if required…


Like a gang of 10 authorized by the Koetting group to handle sending destruction or aid…depending on what is needed for any particular request as a big problem arises…?. Like calling in the sherriff to keep the peace for the newbies…until they reach a point they can handle their own life…only problem with that is that the newbies may never have enough faith in their own work to develop enough as they Keep looking to the gang for the finished result…



For sure Maxx that is a ‘potential’ problem…I have never been one for trusting others with my fate I have to say and I suspect with the vibe thats in this group neither are others here no matter which stage their practical Magickal working is at either…I suspect people here are generally group leaders or lone wolfs interpersonally… I also feel that no matter how powerful one becomes theres allways bigger dogs can bite our arse…Theres a reason wolves hunt in packs…


"Looking at it with occult eyes I wonder if when negative people do this they are actually leaving shit in other peoples energy fields so they dont have to have it. If this is the case then doing what you did would effectively return that to sender - and that may have been enough to tip him over the edge by bursting his capacity to hold it all…’

I think this is what may have happened, Neophyte. You explained that very well. The guy had a habit of shitting all over people in the workplace whenever it suited him. It was the biggest blowout I’d ever seen him do in three years. Quite simply, my refusal to accommodate any more of his negativity may have been the tipping point and the cleansing acted as a catalyst, I’d like to think. The timing was just too mindblowing too deny and put down to mere coincidence. Another funny thing is that the area I cleansed at work in my mind was thoroughly cleaned and sorted out yesterday by another member of staff, because it was very messy. It hadn’t been touched in a year so I saw that as another good sign of success. It was unusual for that to occur. Thanks for your comments.