Psychic Seduction

I watched frank white’s and Arash Zapar Dibazar’s lecture on psychic seduction. I understand everything but I am confused on exactly how to effectively start a conversation directly with the target and get immediate results like how Frank claimed that he witnessed arash instantly seduce a woman. Any advice?

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Use your own powers of persuasion to seduce and hold the Craft back as a last resort until you get results.

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Well that’s not what I asked for is it? Not tryna be a dick but i definitely have.

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I mean, I wouldn’t be asking if I already tried the basics…

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First at all if you wanna see the signals you better learn body language or you’ll surely won’t notice them.
Second it all depends in the way you wanna approach which style fits you best; Directly or Indirect.

Personally i like to go direct when i approach someone in the street or something like that.
So Im walking and see cute girl passing by i make direct eye contact since the moment i see her continue walking without taking my eyes out if she follows ill go with something like; “Hey whats up i just saw you and think you’re pretty cute”.

If i wanna go kinda indirect or i don’t fell her that on ill say somenthing like " Hey whats up. Do i know you from somewhere? "(she’ll say something like i don’t think so or get confused) and then i follow with nah i just thought you’re pretty cute and wanted to say hi.

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I’m talking about psychic manipulation but ok. I’ve already tried that.

well if you wanna start a conversation you need to talk, they ain’t telepaths

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Obviously. I talk but I want to grasp the situation like arash does. Trust me when I say I’ve been trying with the normal way. Shit just doesn’t work for me. Which is why i’m into psychic seduction.

A neat little trick I know for seduction is to ask a girl how she feels about (insert whatever) and let her emotions guide her answer. Girls dig guy whom can bring out emotions and it also just feels good on your part when a girl shows her emotions to you.

So remember, ask her what she feels about/about this. Just don’t say “what do you think about this” because then it goes logical and it’s not exciting.

I swear that this works great.


Meh, use the spirits to influence them and see their intent, that way if they are deceptive and wrathful, you’ll know BEFORE they try to screw you over later.

People talk about Sitri as the best for turning women on.

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My deepest respect to my man there!

If you are good at doing energywork with minimal focus, you could always change the energies around you to better suit your intended goal. When you walk on up with the pride of a lion in your step and a smoky gaze in your eye, and the air around you is a cloak of raw passionate sexuality, you can accomplish quite a bit.


hello there i am a straight woman but i do have a few suggestions although its hard to explain without showing you what i mean

I fucking love that feeling, it’s so extremely powerful. It feels like being a God in the living flesh. What can’t be archived when you feel like this?


so true! its just amazing and i can thank Belial for strengthening mine

How would I do that?

Basic energywork, obviously. Learn how to manipulate the energies around you, it’s super easy.

Law of gender

What’s best for this, and basically everything, is self-love. I think once you realise who you are and fully accept that, the rest just takes care of itself. Of course, if you enjoy “the game” then by all means work with different tools.
Ritual work can also be helpful as a short-cut to the desired result. It really is only about the state of consciousness.

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Please how did you successfully call belial?