Psychic Rape: How Do You Actually Do It?

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Now what part of this do the regulars of this forum who should know better by now don’t understand?

The OP asked a question nothing more then that, if you are unable or unwilling to answer it, simply mute the thread and or the user (i believe that’s a thing now yes?) and move on.



As far as doing it if the OP means psychic rape as manipulation. I believe E.A. has a video about it.


Psychic rape, hmm. Well, as a means to instill terror (without killing) in someone who wishes those, and that you love harm, it can be a very beneficial tool (I have not experimented with this so I am unaware of its efficatiousness). It is not something I advocate as a given. It is situational. It is not unlike “tendril flaying” either.

For those riding the horse of a human construct most high, remember, existence is not black and white. Morals are like sandcastles. You can build them up, but when the crushing tide of reality comes in they always collapse. Only personal honour and loyalty to your goals and those you care about can weather such a storm and stand true.

Hi sure, although its bound to cause even more controversy.

I meant to psychically penetrate someone with my genitals against their will.

*Sits an wait for flocks of people to tell me how I should be crucified all over again *

Also plenty of gods rape things.

You do have a point. Off hand, if you just consider Zeus, pretty much every woman, man, barnyard animal, tree trunk, shellfish, jar of peanut butter, anthill, etc. in Greece were at risk to his advances. Not an insult, but he’s an active guy.


There is even this song that is about that

It’s in Spanish but has English subtitles.

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That video is hilarious and accurate to Greek mythology. If he was a human living today, he would not be the king of the gods. He would be the subject of a Netflix documentary that was a sequel to the Bill Cosby story.


I wasn’t using the term psychic rape to be funny or flippant. And as I said I may recreate the topic one day.

@MH155 I have tidied and restored your topic, I will be contacting a few people to respond to their concerns and flags, and moving the debate aspects to a more appropriate location.

I repeat my request I have inserted beneath your OP, to keep this specific thread on-topic to discussing the practical aspects of this form of baneful black magick.


thank you for sorting this out

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I actually remember reading that thread back when you originally posted it.

To be honest its possible, yea u say prove it,? I was interesting in tis bcse someone say im sending tat fucker a incubus. The male psrt to rape him as far i knw it included encantations, will, and a spirt some offerings and the most 20 mnts the ritual and a set time like 2 weeks or a monrh until the guy give up. Most cases involved money, never try tat but who pm tat say it worls fast, and can get out of control bcse as long u call tat spirt it became a partner, a thirsty spirt to suck more energy and especial incense is required.

Couldn’t u simply evoke something and instruct them to do it for u?