Psychic Rape: How Do You Actually Do It?

I’ve seen this term referenced in at least two topics using the all powerful search function on this forum. My question is how do you actually do it?

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There is debate a topic regarding the morality of any kind of forced sex (including astral), and spells intended to manipulate someone back into a sexual relationship, here:

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It’s happened by means of projection by some weird twisted occultists who think it’s funny to do.

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Really? Such moral outrage against the OP but nothing towards those who have posted thread after thread about spells to force their ex to come back to them against their will? Or those who claim to have killed others using magickal means?
Perhaps you should begin by at least defining what is meant by ‘psychic rape’.


The first thing that popped to my mind was revenge for the ex related to an earlier post.

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The concept of psychic rape is apparent throughout occult/energy work communities, either being “raped by an entity” or “raping someone using psychic or occult means”


Putting aside my moral compass, as @Velenos said, it would likely be done via projection. That being said, aside from the morality aspect, I see that endure being pointless as not everyone can sense astral experience. That is why most curses focus on creating change on the physical or emotional level, which everyone can. At best, you’ll be giving them nightmares, but that can be done by forcing their inner shadows to the surface. There are many, many ways to torment an enemy.


when a person projects they can project onto the physical, the astral/mental, the dreamscape, or the etheric, or any other plane. If they’re aiming to do such to a person that’s physical then they can either do it astral/mental, dreamscape, or physical projection.

Considering parasites have tried to do this to people astrally and have succeeded I’m not surprised? They will try it with anyone. Let’s just say knowing how to do mental magick is Handy.

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Also, this is exactly why I stress protection to beginners. You just don’t know.

I feel it necessary to balance out my other reply with a method one could defend themselves from the same form of attack for those reading this thread. I previously mentioned in another form of using a dreamcatcher made with thorns tied in to protect someone from dream walking into their mind while asleep. I can imagine it would be useful to prevent it from psychic rape from happening too if the intent was poured in while an tailsman made with iron or thorns would be good while awake (I have found iron to be great at nulling energy directed towards me, which could pin or erode a projection in theory). Never been in that situation so it is all guess work on my end but that could serve as a springboard for a start


I actually have a metric fuckton of dream catchers so you just gave me some neat ideas regarding protection :slight_smile:

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I do agree with you the protection part is useful, the wrong direction I was referring to was the fact people seem to be getting more fighting than debating.

Protection should be one of the first things those who are new on the path should look into, so perhaps others could take example and offer suggestions.

Check my posts guy. I’ve brought that to light more than once.

I think this thread just went a little to the extreme.
Black Magicians tend to do whatever the hell they want when it’s them that’s upset about something but debate it on a forum like we are judge and jury.

The truth is if there was something we wanted we would stop at nothing to get it. And we can play nice all day but when it comes down to it we are all sick fucks who want what we want.
The first one who hasn’t tried to force your will onto someone else in some way please raise your hand. If you invaded their thoughts to manipulate them to doing what you want. Well you pretty much just raped them. Dance around the terms all you want. But it’s pretty clear.

I know damn well magicians try to fuck with my thoughts and my will all the time. I’m constantly fighting shit off me. So stop playing innocent. We all do some sick shit around here.


You indeed have a point.

But even if he did mean it as rape, its still not like it isnt something most of us wouldnt do if the means fit our ends.
Just look at all the stuff we do.

Vampirism is honestly a form of rape unless you have someone willing to let you. But if I asked how to vamp someone , no one would have a problem with that.

If I asked how to manipulate someones mind to get that new job … No one considers that rape.
But your still forcing yourself and your will onto them.

Psychic rape
Psychic manipulation
Really whats the difference other than the word rape feels dirty .
Anytime you force yourself on someone else your raping them. Unless they willingly consent but then you arent forcing. Your just allowing your will to dominate theirs.
We forcefully manipulate people all the time. Bend them to our will.

My will be done.

If my will isnt your will then Im forcing it on you and others.


I agree. Push comes to shove, I have done some morally questionable things with magic, especially if family’s involved. I tried to answer the OP’s question in the beginning as how exactly to do it while side stepping my own morality due to my own confusion of what he meant. I was more criticizing the efficiency of what I believed he was talking about, not the act itself.

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Please understand I do not support rape. Especially the way one generally thinks of rape.

I’m just making the point that we can’t really sit here and point fingers when we are all guilty of some sick shit.

Most of us practice vampirism, we’ve manipulated people’s minds and thoughts. We’ve thrown out vicious nasty curses.

We all have dirt.


I was about to ask, but I thought I’d sit back first.

I’ve brought order and abundance to my life. However, you know more than anyone else here just how cutthroat I am and how many people I’ve destroyed and fucked over to make it happen but never have I used my power to intentionally have someone raped sexually in that manner. Obviously I’ve subdued people, that goes without saying. That’s why I jumped down the OP’s throat. I may subdue people, but I respect sexuality.

Nonetheless, I agree, there isn’t much room to point fingers, but that doesn’t mean it (sexual rape) should be supported/taught/done.