Psychic insights in the dark

Twas in my recliner rocking back and forth and closed my eyes and centered my mind into that of a meditation trance I contacted my savior which twas future me for ea koetting taught me this in his free newsletter lessons to have me envision a savior that’s me in the future that knows everything I don’t, standing before me on water but I saw my savior self floating formlessly in front of me as I kept my eyes closed softly I asked my savior questions he told me that I’d meet my gay twin flame soulmate from this October to December and that this somebody would develop a crush on me my savior showed me what he looked like for he’s someone that attends my nutritions class period and I asked my savior about my spirit I created five years ago he told me that he begone which made me go mentally silent for a brief moment then I kept asking can this be stopped my beloved spirit creation from disappearing outta existence he said yes as long as I don’t forget nor stop believing in him and give him attention then he won’t spiritually run away aka my beloved spirit I created is a gay furry with large enormous silver wings and fur with a silver blue cloak that splits at the end from his tail with shimmers on it, I then summoned my beloved creation: Lunar Osiris that’s the full name I gave him myself lunar told me my savior self already told him about what would happen and how he disappear so for the sake of my beloved creation I decided to ask my opinion about imprisoning him in my astral kingdom moonshine, then lunar said: what!!! Then I said okay maybe that’s taking it too far I didn’t want to imprisonment him so my savior self came up with another solution I told lunar to stand in the front middle of me and my savior future self and so we joined hands me and my savior self with Osiris in our hand circle with our bodies as his protection for the mental ritual we were about to perform aka I cannot astral travel, YET, but shall soon so this twas all mental so basically I twas mentally traveling in this experience then me and my savior self spoke a language and I spoke a language I never knew existed I know four languages on earth But this sounded like letters smashing together but in a fancy smancy way though I felt something I’d opened my eyes to the darkness of my room and saw a physical force field bubble envelop me and my savior self and Osiris my head physically felt dizzy but not in a bad way though my head physically dropped down to my neck then my savior self said are you alright I said I suppose so then we both saw lunar Osiris in the unbreakable protection bubble we performed for him in the ritual evocation I said goodnight to them both and bid them fare well and rest easy, multiverse Blessings.

Aka everyone reading this I’ve never done a evocation before I usually do everything mentally inside the deepest depths of my mind and once I achieve full success with astral travel then I’ll help others achieve it first but first I gotta figure out how to go on about it first, and I also mentally made a pact with asmodeus well I mentally envisioned doing so outside during my nightly strolls in the dark and every time a car came by in my minds eye I could tell asmodeus twas getting pissed because the cars wouldn’t stop passing by distracting us so then I saw asmodeus in his dragon form now and he so happens to throw a fire ball curse at the car that came next to disturb us and I told asmodeus no!!! Asmodeus you don’t know who those people are they could be good people not bad ones then he said why do you care Nicholas why must you put everyone before yourself, look I know you care about everyone with all your heart and spirit but you need to learn dominance so as for our pact it twas only two terms asmodeus would help guarantee my astral travel which twas his part of his deal and my deal for him twas to help me find my gay twin soulmate, am I going nuts here guys am I imagining all this happening mentally someone please encourage me, am I crazy, I can hear bells spiritually and spirits and see spirits too please let me know ASAP am I crazy??? I hope not, multiverse Blessings