Psychic Development for the Magician

I decided to go ahead and cut and paste some of my psychic development methods in it’s own thread as to not have to keep sending it via individual PM.

I will start this off with the Original Void meditation. It’s what I have developed it to be the best sort of universal meditation to get you in the “zone” from where one can astral travel, spirit eavesdropping and many other activities one needs to be in a theta state. Binaural beats can be used to enhance the meditative state.

This is it, though there are many claims of the void meditation this is the original. I will outline the procedure in an easy to follow step by step guide.
The first phase involves achieving a state of ultimate relaxation. For this I will start us off with the 3 sun meditation. Now there are two ways to do the 3 star meditation. The first uses all three regular yellow suns the second uses a red, yellow, white star or sun. Thd choice is yours I simply added a color difference for the suns go speak to ths subconscious symbolically. The red represents the flesh earth and sensory and emotional mind. As you begin your meditation with the red sun you are telling your subconscious to relax that aspect of your mind and as the sun flows through your body from head to toe relaxing every muscle and tendon as it passes through you the aspect of your mind that is the red sensory mind is set at ease to further pull you into a deeper meditative state.
As the red sun leaves below and the yellow aproaches from above the target color is yellow this is a symbol to your subconscious to relax and ease the intellectual rational mind so as to remove the clutter stresses and pressures of The day’s ,week’s, and month’s thoughts and concerns. The yellow sun absorbs all your intelectual clutter as it passed through your head and out your feet taking all The baggage with it.
The third sun is the white sun. The white represents purity of light and the essences of the spiritual energy. This tells your subconscious that this is the part of the mind that is to become at ease and relaxed to be in a more open and receptive state.
The first part of the meditation is designed to subdue certain parts of your mind while activating other areas for the upcoming work.

The next phase of the meditation is a symbolic message to your subconscious to work backwards down the spiral of the golden mean and move past the eleven dimentions into the source or void. This is represented with a spiral staircase that one must walk down step by step. Into the infinite black.
The third phase of the meditation is to completely disconnect from all concepts of existence and become one with the void.

The void is the place where you can have acces to all parts of existance, including your own. From tge void one can go directly into spirit communication,remote viewing, and more that I’m sure you will discover. In the following sections I will detail the procedure. Thank you Fronin I was intending to give a detailed step by step of the meditation but I got a bit side tracked and figured I would come back to it later and post it.

The first phase of the meditation is the three sun meditation.
As you sit or lay back make yourself as comfortable as possible and close your eyes and visualise a large warm red sun with a number three on it radiating warmth that you can feel as it lowers it’s self down toward your head. As the sun makes contact with the top of your head you will feel a warming contact. The sun will slowly descend down over your head and down your neck relaxing and soothing all tour joints tendons and muscles. You feel the warmth turning your flesh into a jelly like substance as you melt into your chair or bed. The warm red number 3 sun moves down your back shoulders and chest relieving all the tension around your spine and you feel your spine start to become like jelly. The warm sun move further down melting and relaxing you down your lower back down your legs and finally down your feet as it pulls all the tension out of you and takes it away with it.

You feel the warmth of the yellow sun with the number 2 on it above you. You experience the same sensation as with the red number three sun as the yellow sun moves down your body pulling all your concerns away and relaxing you and melting you further into your bed or chair.

The final sun has a number 1 on it and is a brilliant radiant white. The white sun moves down towards your body and you feel an relaxing yet energizing contact on the top of your head. As the white number 1 sun moves throughout your body you feel as if all the weight is gone and you are pulsating with energy. As the white sun leaves your feet it moves off into the distance and disappears.

The Spiral staircase.

Visualize yourself standing on top of a Spiral staircase and on each step is a number starting with The current step you are on 11 the next step down is 10 as you step down onto the tenth step say to yourself "Ten one step further into the void, then take the next step down to 9, and say " nine one step further into the void. Continue down the steps repeating the process until you are at the last step on the spiral staircase the number 1 step. You look down for the ground but there is none only infinite black distance downward. You look ahead and see only infinite black distance all around you is only the staircase yourself and the infinite black. You take the last step off into the infinite black and find yourself feeling absolutely weightless and as you turn around you see that the staircase has disappeared. Say to yourself "I have entered the depths of the void I can reach the depths of the void any time I like by simply counting from three down to one and I can reach the depths of the void by counting down from 10 to 1.

Allow yourself to float weightless in the void. Look down at your body and see that your molecules are separating from your body and floating off into the void separating into individual atoms and disappearing into the void. You see your hands start to dissolve into the void right before you. You look down to see your entire body slowly become a dissipating mist until there is nothing left you are gone. All that is left is infinite black. Allow yourself to reflect on the true absence of all the infinite black.
Spirit eavesdropping, Clairaudience development.

The practice technique for begginers in clairaudience. The process is a simple and direct method for opening oneself to the messages from spirits. In this form of clairaudience you will be placing yourself in a receptive state. Not to be confused with listening to your own internal dialogue, and this is a mistake many beginners make and understanding considering the lack of navigational instruction in most how to guides. The realm of the mind is it’s own universe and the sooner this is understood the sooner you will be able to recognize the mind brain connection. You will be making your focus of awareness on the area right above the ears and inside the skull. This is the area of the brain that focuses on perceiving and translating auditory experience. This method can also be used for clairvoyance when the focus of awareness is in the visual area of the brain.

The method for this is fairly basic you simply do a void meditation to arrive to the state where you can be most receptive. Focus your awareness on listening inside your head right above the ears. Do not listen for sounds with your ears in fact using ear plugs to lessen distraction is highly recommended for this initial training.

As you passively allow the random messages to come into your auditory centers you will quickly recognize the spontaneous internal verbalization of the spirits right above the ears. You are opening yourself to hear anything and everything happening in your vicinity. You may hear messages of random phrases and crazy things that make no sense and that’s normal because you are possibly hearing bits and pieces of conversation not meant for you.

I will add more as time goes on. This should help many of you attempting to get over that initial hump, the one where you are doing rituals but not sure if anyone is there. I assure you there is someone there and spirit eavesdropping will help you learn to hear them.

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Wonderful exercises and very well explained. I hope masters and neophytes alike will take the time to read your wonderful post. The reality is that as much as we want simple formulas, the explanations are still mandatory. So to the kids who say “TLDR!” … I say poo on you.

These are most excellent exercises. The 3SMR (Three Suns Meditation Ritual) is an excellent extension of the basic RR (Relaxation Ritual) that focuses a white orb (sun) on stress points in the body. The introduction of orb Chroma in your 3SMR makes for excellent visualization training as well.

The Spiral Staircase ritual (S2R) seems like a trance inducing strategy you might experience on the receiving end of a hypnotherapy session. Very nice!

I love the notion that you become a nexus when in the void. You can vibrate between being a nexus or a source. It seems like an excellent place to act as a receiver of thoughts or a transmitter of will for spell work.

These are great. Ultra simple and practical.

Thank you!


Thanks when I created these that was my goal.


Brilliant exercises and good explanations, I applaud you sir. I bet these will help me with the progress of astral travel.


Indeed it will. Part of the end of the void meditation where you watch your body dissolve is a great jumping point for astral travel as it puts you in the right mindset. Cheers!


Great meditation style today after some hours I heared first voice in my head :slight_smile: 10/10 worked great for me



I literally just did a working with Azazel to prepare me for training in this type of magick, got up, opened the forum page, and read this post.

The synchronicity is unreal-

much thanks Adam, I will put this information to excellent use. Please add more as time goes on!!!


Hail Azazel!




Couple of years ago I made a meditation that is like this but on the opposite spectrum, where I meditate that I’m in a wood with a clearing like a green field in the middle of the wood and there stand a ordinary white door. When opening the door bright white light shines from the other side and when stepping in to the light my body is slowly swallowed by the light only leaving my consciousness left and here I can connect with past and living mystics and other entities that reached perfection.


This looks great! I’m going to give this a shot right after I take a shower.

Thanks for the good information. It seems like an excellent place for me to start!

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Perhaps they are copying me or the guy that wrote it had similar ideas. Perhaps he got the meditations in a conversation with Thoth. From what I hear they recognize Thoth as one of the 9 sons of Satan. So paying homage may gain you some insights. But I crafted that meditation on my own with Thoth.


That’s amazing. Simple and effective. It got me properly down and in seamingly record time. I forgot to do the ear thingys, but am looking foreward to exploring it in more depth. Thank you Adam thoth


Thanks, I’m glad it could be helpful to you.

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I’m glad I decided to look at the top forums of all time. This has helped tremendously. I started hearing spirits, having a random conversation, instantly. I’m feeling all sorts of crazy energy too. Honestly, thanks for this. :star_struck:


I’ve had some interesting experiences that I wrote down here:

And here:

Its one hell of a trip


That it really is. I have some intriguing experiences already. Maybe I should write a forum about it too in case I can keep you all updated?


Good way to know you aren’t nuts too :rofl:


Thanks I’m glad it helped you. I hope to bring all my techniques to those it may help. Cheers!


For some reason, im not getting the kind of results (ie. seeing things and hearing things) that others have gotten recently with this technique. I’m not sure if im doing something wrong, but i never get much impression that anything is happening around me. I do sometimes get a bit tired during it though. One thing i struggle with while doing this is staying focused on the images im supposed to be creating. I sometimes find myself wandering about to other random thoughts until i snap myself out of it. Any advice?


That’s just the void, don’t worry. Go there for a purpose, such as listening for spirits or seeing them. Just allow them to come to you. It takes some practice :slight_smile: