Psychic challenge (for fun)

My guesses are:

  • Lucifer’s sigil
  • Number: 3
  • Element: Earth

Edit because misread the number part haha

No special technique applied here, I haven’t previously figured out a way to do this very well.

  • My first impression was the alchemical symbol for Vinegar, but I’m flashing also to the seal of Astaroth
  • The number 4
  • Fire

This is pretty neat an old friend of mine made a computer program with a construct in it and each time the construct would change and you’d have to scan the program to see it. It would change basic shapes and such originally. It was a great means of honing your scanning/clairvoyance.


I’ve found that there are several Zener card apps now. It’s been interesting trying them out.

My best results have been when I attempt to listen for a message from my future self about what was seen, then after seeing the result, trying to send a message to my past self.

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OK let’s test my 0 skills.

  • Lucifer sigil
  • 6 or 7 maybe 8
  • Can’t decide is it Earth or water

Pentagram (upside down)

Lucifers Sigil
3 (I also kinda thought 7 but went with 3)

Ok. I have come to a conclusion that i maybe made a “small” mistake on naming first objective: an occult symbol - it is a symbol, but more specific a PLANETARY symbol. So you all now, have a chance to change and correct your answers on that part. Becouse i see that most of you having trouble of guessing the symbol. It should be easier now a little bit.

Other two objectives is named corectly and i don’t see you having trouble with them.

Neptune is very very similar to what I understand to be the alchemical symbol for vinegar. I choose Neptune.

Saturn, the others I guessed remain the same :slight_smile:

Its totally Saturn



I will stay with my first guess regarding the symbol because IF I am not dead wrong (which I probably am, anyway) it would explain why I heard the cross AND the rounded shape :thinking:

Make it the symbol for earth then.
Rest remains the same

Oh. I’ll change leviathan cross to Neptune then. :ok_hand:

Answers will be posted in a few hours. :blush:


People still can participate :smiley:

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Don’t expect much accuracy here lol but:

The symbol is the hardest for me for some reason, but I’m going to go with Baphomet. It feels darker, not quite Satanic but demonic.
Number 7

Best of luck to everyone else!

The answers are:


Second objective: A RANDOM NUMBER



Ah, shoot. Told ya, I would suck <3

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Well it was fun anyways

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