Psychic challenge (for fun)

Hey guys! So i created a challenge where you need to guess what it is depicted on the other side of paper and it will be three separate papers with (an occult symbol; a number; an universal element). I will make it easier by writing on where to guess which

This is challenge created purely just for fun purposes and entertainment. It does not mean to insult in anyways anyones powers or abilities. Anyone can enter this challenge and try to guess and scan what is depicted on the other side of paper. If your guess is not correct, please don’t get offended or sad. This does not mean in any shape or form that you don’t have any psychic powers or abilities.

Please enter this challenge lightly and be not afraid to be wrong if your guesses. You can write your guesses here on this post in comments or send me a private message. The reveal of each objective will be posted here in a day or a few (depending on how much participants it gets).

First objective: AN OCCULT SYMBOL

Second objective : A RANDOM NUMBER (from 0-10)


In your answers for each of the paper (an occult symbol; a random number; an universal element) if you don’t have a definite answer you can try to guess and desribe whatever it is you are feeling and seeing. Thank you for participating and good luck!


Number 6 and element earth? And does the symbol have a spiral?

Number 7…earth

I will post the answers to the reveal of all the three papers AFTER everyone (who will enter) will participate and try to guess it. I’ll post it here on sunday May 3. :slight_smile: For now i will not tell the answers for anyone, you will just have to wait till this sunday.

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Symbol looks like the ankh?

Sunday is such a long way from now man

The number is 8

Aight, lets put my trash senses to the test (for good measure: I once tried to lure a “lost dog” to me with a sandwich. The “lost dog” was the stump of a tree, not THAT far away from me)

First paper: something with a cross arrangement but it feels also rounded
Second Paper: 9
Third Paper: water


Now I gota remember to check sunday😤

Discordian Apple; Number 8; Element Air.

I am assuming an integer number. I truncated from 8.3479.

If you get the number I swear…

Ok, maybe then i will post the answers tommorow on saturday if this gets more participation today and people don’t want to wait till sunday for answers. :slight_smile:


Let me try, hmmmm

First paper: Not sure with the occult symbol but I guess its something that is shaped like a Goblet?

2nd paper: Number 6.

3rd paper: Water

Number 3
Water… or something that looks like Chinese writing haha

A pentagram (upright)
Fire Element

Leviathan Cross

More participants are welcomed. :sunglasses:

Satan’s Witch Brand

I thought 8 at first too, but thought that could be my bias towards that number, but now I’m thinking with all these people having thought the same, I was probably right.

  • Saturn

  • 9

  • Wind/air

Second time I saw a 6 now my mind is convinced it’s a 6 ,or 9 can’t tell if I’m reading upside-down…

If anyone is hesitant to participate and are afraid to be incorect, they can send me their answers and guesses in the pm (i will not discuss them publicaly) and later if they are correct i can if anyone will want to post the best “guessers” and winners here. :nerd_face: