Psychic binding/ magick binding need help urgent

A year ago a certain person who is either well known or unknown placed some kind of psychic block/binding on me that blocks my psychic vision(I can barely visualize anything but wasnt the case before this)and I can’t harness any energy at all really they claim to “cut me off from using magick or any energy” that’s bs cause I can still do magick but its severely lessened and I know it’s a binding in nature but there’s also bad luck and things coming from it. What the fuck do I do? The bs thing is I didn’t even do anything directly to this person but they placed it on me cause they place curses on their info they give out and some fucking retard posted a video of that cursed info passing it to anyone who’s viewed that! After I viewed the video I started feeling strange then my vision in my third eye just went blank 3 days after and this has been my situations. I want my spirituality and life back to the way it was! I went to a shaman and they said there’s a block over my third eye shielding it (blocking) it has the symbol of a scarab beetle with wings and that’s what she said about it. Someone has to know something about it so please help guys.

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I posted one just now. Thanks but you have any ideas @DarkestKnight ? I’ve lurked here for a bit and you seem to know your stuff.

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Just to be clear, to be sure I am understanding you correctly, you watched a video and you think somehow that video bound you?

What have you done so far to try and break the binding?

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Beings bound me, not the info. Spirits in charge of the info did this I’m assuming but the the person who done this is William w. I need help to undo whatever it is and I haven’t tried much cause a lot involves visualization but none of my magick worked, an uncrossing almost did but I felt it come back.

An uncrossing ritual generally isn’t done once, but daily, until you feel the crossing has been broken.

After you did the uncrossing, did you ward yourself, or put up a shield?

Do you have a deity you follow?

Perhaps try a limpia. However, in order to do one, you will need to call upon the name of whatever highest authority it is that you can conceptualise. So, if you are a Christian, you would do it in the name of God. A Satanist would do it in the name of Satan, a Lucferian in the name of Lucifer, etc.

Another option is to call upon the Archangel Michael, or the angel Opfaal, to break the binding.

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So an uncrossing should work to remove bindings ? I’ve tried all of these actually and the main one that seemed to work was the uncrossing baths. I did the uncrossing for 2 days and felt my vision get vivid again but strangely my supplies “disappeared” literally lost them somehow before I could keep going. Do you know any uncrossing rituals besides baths? I know of no uncrossing rituals . I do need to find deity, lucifer always interested me on the darker side and lighter side was Michael the archangel.