Psychic Attack?

This happened to me around 10 minutes ago and I decided to share the story and ask for advice:

It was incredibly hard to go to sleep and I felt and entity around me. I asked the entity to present itself and the sigil of Lucifer appeared. I don’t have bad relationships with Lucifer, even though I have to say that a long time ago a was under his mentorship and I didn’t push myself as much as I should’ve.

Either ways, I went to sleep and woke up at 01:00 and it was impossible for my to fall asleep. I started with a dream the where I was shown to be sick and unable to focus, which is strange since I NEVER get sick.

A general sickness started permeating my body and I saw and felt myself sitting on the edge of my bed, but this was the astral body (I have never consciously astrally projected, just done so and the experience has been shown in dreams) and I felt threatened. I focused on my power and vibrated the rune “Algiz” for protection and moved my hands opposite towards me, dispelling the threat but feeling like if a hand has touched my left hand.

I suspected that maybe since I’m in business and it is “required” of me to manipulate people through magickal means, I found a magician that didn’t take things so nicely. Also, soon after this, I felt extremely energized, controlling my thoughs and not allowing me to curse myself through the paranoia, and I saw a spider (Which I have seen quite regularly two days ago, and I believe it is a omen of good fortune).

Any thoughs?