Psychic Attack Sends me to the ER

Greetings BALG guys and dolls…

I have a situation going on that on the increase and I’m curious to hear opinions on what to do. I’ll give you a brief back story for reference…

I was born into a family with a long British history of mediumship and witchcraft and my father was a Luciferian mason. From the age of 6 I have had had physical manifestations of Lucifer and I am now in my 40s, solo practitioner of the occult, psychic and I’m a musician in a European metal band.

About a year ago, I moved into a house, maybe 120 years old. My parents are both passed and my sister and I have heirlooms we keep in one of the rooms in our house. But I’ve never liked this room and made sure the doors are kept shut and the cats kept away.

Lately I keep finding the door open but we recently got a roommate and fuck knows why, but she seems to use the room as a short cut to her room. I told her and my sister ti keep the “fucking door closed because when it’s open, someone stands in my doorway all night”.

My sister has her own altar in her room as I do mine for meditating and ritual but neither of us are practising anything nefarious and only for our own self development.

Yesterday a friend was over and she was sitting in the kitchen and I came in and suddenly, I was hit in the back of my knee and thrown into the wall. I could no longer put any weight on my left knee and had to go to the ER. The doctors did a bunch of scans and said it’s sp perplexing but I’ve blown at least one ACL in my left knee - by walking through my kitchen. The pain was coming from behind my knee like I was on fire. I was put on morphine and bandaged from my thigh to my ankle and sent him and have to have an MRI and more tests done next week.

I just got out the shower and put shorts on and my sister saw the back of my leg and there is a huge red raised line across and down my leg like a lashing and fingernails. It’s so painful. I had already told her I think what happened to me was supernatural but she put it down to the morphine lol.

Tonight as I type this I have eyes on me. The pain in my leg is excruciating and I’m so scared this is the beginning of something I can’t control. Lucifer has taught me so much in my life but I can’t feel him around. I have to put the bandage back on now and take some pain pills and try and not think about it but my stomach is churning. I don’t feel like they can get into my room or they would have.

I’ll leave it here because every word makes the pain worse. I feel like a nutter typing this. I take my occult work seriously but also rationally and often err the side of science and anything explainable but I"m fucked if I can explain this.



You need to invest in protection and cleansing!


I’m going through the same shit right now and they’ll be getting what they deserve.

Like Miku said, work on shields. They can’t protect you forever but they can reduce the impact of these curses


Agreed. I’m working at a psychic fair tomorrow and going to talk to a coven about what to do. They’re all elderly women but I love talking to them - even if they do practice Wicca lol


Yeah I’ve got some dusty old books with lots of shield workings. Thanks for your idea :slight_smile:


If you have Practical psychis self-defence by Robert Bruce its a good one to understand the nature of the situation!
Its vital to learn all the different ways to protection!
I am currently working through Magickal Protection by Damon Brand! Their master ritual is simple and serves as an uncrossing ritual!


Oh thanks so much, I"m gonna see if I can grab them on kindle. I’ve been finding some great occult books on the kindle site over iBooks.




I have also had a psychic attack that almost sent me to the hospital. I felt like I couldn’t breath and almost went into a panic attack. My entire body was in pain. But, it was not as bad as the psychic attack you experienced. I also recommend that you cleanse and protect yourself like @MiKu stated. I had to get some powerful protection amulets prepared. I ALWAYS wear them. Never take them off.


I am under painful astral/psionic attack several times a day from another human and I tried the rituals in Brands book, without any effect I am must say.
The only things that has worked as protection for me is Sabnock and Sargatanas. Also direct counter attack works, but for you maybe you would need to know your attacker, but then again, maybe intention is enough. Then you could use Norath or Zahgurim.


I’m sorry to hear you’ve been through it too. Not being able to see your enemy is what I’ve taken as the hardest part of it. The pain in my leg is relentless too. I talked to my roommates and we’re going to organise a ritual of cleansing and clearing any sludge and I’m wearing mt luficer sigil until I’m in bed. Whatever it is, can’t seem to get into my room but I want to keep it that way.

Thanks and I appreciate your comment x


Different things works for different people! You can’t know what might work for you until you try it! Thankfully there are so many methods out there.


I want to invoke Lucifer because at our last house, one of our cats starting fighting quite violently thin air and because my sister can hear Lucifer he arrives with one one citation of his enn and immediately instructed us what to do. It was a pretty crazy time but it ended that day too… We found out there was a nasty death in the house by previous owners and I think it drew a lot of energy. the whole time we lived there, everything possible turned to shit even to where I died during surgery and had an OBE but was revived with the paddle things. Glad to be out of there. I’ll be glad when we’ve left Australia to be honest,


Check if there is plumbing or water lines between the rooms or in the walls! Robert Bruce says some “negs” can’t cross running water! Even if the water line in the earth but the entity is upstairs!


No shit! THat’s brilliant because the plumbing runs down under my floor and beyond the next wall is laundry, bathroom and powder room!


Ok so you know it can’t cross water! Then neutralising it with water should work! Get a bucket of water with salt and consecrate it with visualisation and spray it in the room!


Ok thank you I will. I’ll update if anything else happens. Thanks for your assistance I’ve learned from you and that’s a really handy thing to know about water too. :slight_smile:

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You mention hierlooms in the room as if that was the important point? - it’s not uncommon for objects o be haunted. You could try boxing them up and putting them outside the house, in bank safe deposit, maybe see if a friend will keep them for a bit, and see if that has an effect.

If it does improve the situation, then comes the part where you figure out which one it is, hopefully it’s just the one, and then seal that away like a dybukk box is sealed, or get rid of it, or exorcise it…

So that water thing is a form of exorcism - there’s a risk it’ll only be temporary, and the entity will return after a bit, possibly just more pissed off than it already is.

I would do some divination. find out more about what you’re dealing with, and how it works, before designing your strategy. Simply asking it what it wants is sometimes a good idea, but in cases like this it’s probably going to just lie it’s face off to enjoy watching you jump through hoops - it’s already aggressive, so, no mercy.

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draw lines of prtection incense(storebought, but you personally blessed and prayed over) and blessed salt. Dont feel ashamed to look for help from the other religions’ esoterics.

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Maybe your house is haunted? Perhaps you unknowingly kept that part of your house closed off in order to give a spirit living there its own space. Now you’re dealing with a roommate who has invaded the spirit’s personal space and it is taking its frustration out on the only person whose sensitive in the house.

You could banish it if it’s unwilling to make peace with the fact that it’s living in what’s considered as your house now or you could tell your roommate to not go in there. There are many ways to go about this.


Last night I was pushed about 6 feet down the hall and crashed into the kitchen door which was scary tbh.

Today I remembered my neighbour is a medium and used by ghost hunters to connect to spirits. I saw him on the street and went and told him what was going on so he brought his camera over and when he got here went into the room and shut the door. The spirit started attacking him because I could hear him saying, “don’t you touch me, don’t push me. Talk to me. Why are you here?” He kept pushing Paul so he sat down on a sofa. It’s summer here in Australia and the room was like a freezer.

The spirit started talking and said he’s angry about a trunk that my sister recently bought to store her ritual stuff in (Paul doesn’t know that part and she hasn’t actually done anything about filling it yet) He was a soldier in ww1 and he kept all his stuff in it.

He warned Paul that he will not stop and my roomie and sister are also in danger if he so chooses to start attacking them. Paul suggested getiting rid of the trunk asap as this isn’t going to stop. He also spirit this spirit is dangerous and he’s basically a “fucking cunt” - his words. He said don’t try and treat him with love and send him to the light blah blah, instead match his aggression because he’s a bit of a bully and backs down.

Now to convince my sister to sell the damn trunk. Right now she’s defiant and wants to keep it. I’m like dude… really?

What gets me is Lucifer who is so often with me isn’t now. I’m wearing his sigil for protection and I know Azazel has dropped by because we have an Aboriginal rain stick which when you turn it, sounds like rain and it goes off by itself whenever Azazel arrives. Maybe Lucifer is aware of the situation and knows I can handle it.